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Lion and Tiger weapon bug on PC

So, I finished my assassin class, and finally switched to knight again, for some awesome armor-centric teams I have been excited for.

Unfortunately, the new weapon Lion & Tiger doesn’t work when the first enemy team slot is blank. It pulls the troop up, but won’t damage or stun it :(.

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I have a whole video showing every glitch with it. :wink:

The main issue is damage occurs AFTER the position switch, which causes a miss if there is nothing in the aimed slot. This also means it never damages/stuns the troop aimed at unless it is first slot. It does allow a weird unintended mechanic of being able to stun+damage a troop while pulling a different one if used correctly under its current functioning.


As a dev, you should know to search before posting a bug report. You’re not setting a good example here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seems like it should be simple to fix. Stun, then damage, then pull. This isn’t the only weird behavior caused by the game’s target resolution system.