Linking another Account to my device "permanently deletes" the other account?

So, I share my tablet with a friend, and we both play Gems of War. I had my account linked and now he wanted to play on the tablet for a bit. When we tried linking his account to the device we get a prompt saying to choose a hero, and the other one will be “permanently deleted”. Is this true? Or does this just mean the data of the account is wiped from the device? Is the account really permanently deleted?

It deletes the data from the device. If you go back and link your account, it should erase all of his information and restore yours.

All of your stuff is store server-side and should not be affected.

Had the problem. It does “deleted” my account when I tried to use another account on my mobile by linking it. Had to choose the older one or newer one.
So, I did choose the newer one, and play.
But suddenly, when I tried to link my older account back, I just can’t.
It says my account doesn’t exist.
Lucky, I still have it at my PC, and when I see my invite code it says: invitecode_DEACTIVATED.
I contacted support about it… But yeah, they explained it to me that when you CHOOSE it, the other that you didn’t choose will be deleted.

There’s a way to play multiple account on your mobile: before change it, delete all cache & data of the game, so when you open the game again you will download some content again and start new.