Limodepimo is looking for a Hardcore Guild

I restarted after 4 years of not playing only 2 days ago and I am currently level 49.
I like Guilds that communicate, have a sense of humor and try their best to contribute but don’t expect you to go bankrupt…
My name is pronounced Leamothepeamo by the way.

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Welcome back!

There’s a lot of changes for sure and PvP just got updated as well.

We have many great guilds that fit that description in the community and I’m sure you’ll be happy in any of them.
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: There’s also really cool guild families!

Please check out our guild post here if you like a great sense of humor, positive atmosphere and fun times!

:heart: Anam Cara :heart:

* Magix * <—guild link


Like it has been mentioned there are lots of guilds accepting new players. My guild Schweitzer is currently rebuilding, but we have been around for approximately 7 years. If you would like an invite let me know. Thanks.

Hi Limodepimo3,

I’m part of the Throne of Odin guild family. It might be a good fit for you because it seems like you’re going to need a few different guilds as you level. Our players are encouraged to move between guilds as they level or as their playtime availability changes. Feel free to drop by our Discord to take a look around or message me if you have any questions:

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As my fellow recruiters have said- feel free to window shop and find a guild that works for you. You may have already found a lovely home among these lovely friends- and if not I’ll offer you to take a look at TUF Family- 4 Guilds All Playstyles.
Link to our discord :arrow_down: come on in- take a peek- and see if it’s a fit. If not we’re happy to help you find a guild that fits your style :slight_smile:

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