Lil' Johnny Bronze - Hook Me Up

I wish I had recorded this, because I haven’t been able to replicate it.

I was using Lil’ Johnny Bronze and Tyri to farm treasure maps, and Tyri ended up dying so I was left with Lil’ Johnny Bronze.

The enemy team included some constructs and Dwarven Gates, so I had plenty of time to build up mana and spam Hook Me Up. I ended up using Hook Me Up at least 15 times. It didn’t generate a single Treasure Map. At 20% per usage, it’s improbable to not get 1. I also noticed the game stuttered/froze every time I used the ability. I’ve never noticed performance issues on my phone before.

I had fought against the team a couple other times, and Hook Me Up worked fine. I don’t know what happened this time.

Hey, can you please tell me the day/time this happened and your time zone? I’ll have a look.

Dang :frowning: . I wish I tracked that.

It was definitely yesterday during morning. Maybe 6:00 - 7:00 AM EST time zone?

Probability of NOT getting a map in 15 casts is 0.8^15 = 0.03518, i.e. about 3,5%, not a very small figure. Probability of getting 2 maps in 2 casts is quite comparable: 4%. How many times did you get 2 maps in a row by casting “Hook Me Up”?

It looks like it was just bad luck sorry @Voq :frowning:

I would consider it small, but fair point.

I still believe there was a bug. I just encountered another issue that coincided with similar lag/stuttering when casting an ability.

It occurred just 1 minute ago: 8:15 PM EST. I was in Battle 5 of Pet Rescue for Griffling. There were 3 troops left. The first 2 (Owleth and Strygik) were near full health, while the last enemy (Garuda) was at 2 health. I used my Skeleton Key instead of matching some skulls knowing the last enemy would die, and I’d gain a turn. Instead of gaining another turn, the enemy instantly took their turn and killed my hero with that skull match. My hero was not frozen as there was no troop in the enemy team that could do that.

It happened to lag similarly to before. I’ve actually experienced this lag a number of times before when I play for an extended period of time. Restarting the game fixes it.

I’m using a beta version of Oreo on a Samsung device. I don’t know if that’s contributing to this issue.

RE: 3.5%, you usually have a far worse chance of getting a mythic from any chest. Some things in this game proc at 7% and I see them. 3.5% just isn’t exceptionally rare when you consider how many matches you’ve played. (Example: I played 52 matches so far today. I should see a 3.5% event happen between 1 and 2 times. Daily. I saw a 10% one happen at least 12 times, so I’m way ahead of the curve.)

RE: Skeleton Key: it’s a known issue that sometimes you don’t get the extra turn. This is especially true if the lethal damage comes from the Affix which does 5 damage after the ability. If there’s a fix in 4.3, I haven’t heard about it.

Oh, if it’s a known bug then these issues are doubtfully related. Hook Me Up was just bad luck, Skeleton Key was a bug and I just have a lag issue on my device for playing too long at a time.