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Like, really? [Soulforge]


If I am right, then:

1 Orb of Growths gives us 1 lv up.
1 Major Orb of Growth gives us up to 20 lv.

So… whats the point to craft 1 Major from 20 Minors when the effect is the same + spenging additional 1000 souls to do that? :smiley:

Same thing with the rest, or even worse. 4 minors to craft Major of Wisdom (traits) while normally we need 3 of them to max traits, and 4 to craft Major of Ascension) where we also need 4 of them to max ascension. This is just ridiculous!


Might not look like much at a glance, but this lets you gradually get Zuul’Goth.
Minors -> Majors -> Orbs of Power -> Zuul’Goth

Fully agree with the feeling, but common to mythic takes 5 ascension.

I’m aware no one is going to use a major orb to get a common troop to mythic unless they REALLY have nothing better to do.

And yes these are for crafting new troop. I can’t believe someone said this might be cheaper than xathenous

But the Major Orb has a cute little crown! It’s totally worth it just because of that! :smile::smile::smile:

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There does not seem to be any reason to use major orbs, ever. Use them to craft orbs of power and get your Zuul’Goth sometime around the end of the Trump administration. Use minor orbs selectively to target final upgrades only (ascension to mythic, or an emergency final trait).

The orbs just feel like trap recipes right now. Much like “100 souls for only 10 diamonds” is.


Or they could release a really good common troop like fire bomb. With the drop pool getting larger and alrger, who knows how many we will be able to get from gold keys.

Or new GW troops that take forever to ascend if your are not in bracket one.

Or kingdoms start reaching 10 stars and you simply don’t have the resources to ascend and level and trait everything

True, if a hard to get common is released, like he troops or maybe can leave and treasure gnome it could be more efficient to craft a major orb the use it. However, event troops like fire bomb cost glory for with 2 or 3, if you could get 16 copies and ascend to ultra rare it would be better to use standard orbs as opposed to major.

@Grundulum I think this is it. The reason the Developers (or Publisher) put both of those options in there to scam/drain low information or new players out of their resources. I’m sure it helps the profit margins if new players that (possibly) spend the most money have ‘TRAPS’ to purposely make them waste resources if they foolishly click on them.

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Cash grab. Did you buy gems yet? You should buy more gems.

I didn’t realize they would be giving us power orbs that quickly. :stuck_out_tongue:


Will I get zuul’goth before I quit this game? I seriously doubt it.

With xanethos it was a reasonable couple months to get him. It was attainable and I spent real money to get xanethos earlier.

This new one it would seem should take like 5 years unless something changes and the cost would be so high that I have permanently given up on ever getting a perfect collection.

The worst is my investment of cash and gems into diamonds now seems like a total dead end. I thought there would be more craftable mythics. I didn’t expect they wouldn’t use diamonds. I have to re-evaluate everything. I may skip normal mythics just so I have some use for my 8620 diamonds. Diamonds are a fantastic feature, but I’m one of the few that is mostly past the usefulness of them…endgamer problems.

Without the goal of a perfect collection I see less of a point to the game. Maybe it will be the thing that breaks my addiction. I even collect tribute during star wars movies. What would it be like if life didn’t revolve around tribute? A nerf to tribute now that would break the addiction for sure. This is a bit disappointing, but at least the game doesn’t cause headaches anymore and some of our retired players are coming back.

If life didn’t evolve around tributes.

Simples. (Life + tributes) - tributes = Life.

Sounds like a good deal!

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Not sure if this is a Trump’s going to get impeached joke or a “It seems like crafting enough orbs will take a lifetime” joke, but either way I approve.