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Lightning Strike doesn't work fine (Not a bug)

Dear Guys,

there is an problem wit h my Deathknight-class and Titan-class. The talent “Lightning Strike” doesn’t work in mode Infiltration (currently in the event) and it doesn’t work in Exploration (in kingdoms). Please can you fix it?

Screen before

If swopped the brown gem on 6/2 and create an 4-row.

Screen after

The both line 1 + 2 before falls 1 down (to 2 and 3) and a new row builded. But no explosion for an yellow gem are happened.

My guildmates told me, they haven’t this problem and can’t explain it. In exploration the problem exist few weeks (but it wasn’t importent enough for me). But in infiltration it is an very important skill and showbraker.

An switch from one class to another (and back) doesn’t work. I’ve try this some days before (an it is expensive :-)).

Thanks a lot

I’m using the same trait on Titan class and it’s working fine for me…

If you consistently get a bug then try to get a video and send it in to the devs…

The problem with half screen shots like this is we can’t see if you are even using your hero in this battle and are any of your troops gaining mana. Video would work also.
I am using Titan for at least a month now and never saw it not exploding when there are yellows on the board

Hey Guys,

thanks a lot for your very very fast answer. An video about the problem you’ll find there www.dkntools.de/gow/bug_lightning.avi

You need your hero on your team in the battle for the Champion Talents to be in effect.

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oh my god, im so very very stupid. Guys, please forgive me my totaly fail. The next coffee goes to my bill

I’ll take any free coffees :wink:

Glad you got that sorted, it’s no problem - an easy mistake.