Life Time Pass

How much for a life time Gems of War pass?

That way it saves me from the new yearly passes being introduced as all of creative is more focused on ways to make money from players than giving those players a fun product to play.

I mean, I still won’t be donating any more money to the Gems of War con-a-thon until a permanent solution is introduced about Arachnaean Weaver.

But hey, surely a game getting a bad reputation into tricking players out of their resources (Arachnaean Weaver not being in Event chests) or tricking them out of their time (the 100% hard cap of 2 battle crashers a day save for it’s second day where the hard cap was 0 for almost 24 hours) lasts for years and years and years despite alienating it’s loyal fan base.

On second thought. The life time membership can’t possibly be worth it. Since I’ll be shocked if this game survives another 2 years if this is how it’s gonna be moving forward.

Might as well be on the street corner begging for change @Infinity Plus 2. Because y’all keep putting your hands out… But when your customers ask for things in return because they are unsatisfied. You give nothing but excuses or “discounts”.

Instead of this game becoming more and more pay to win. How about you earn what we pay for a change.

Your “pass” for at least the past 2 years has officially expired.


I know you’re joking, but my husband and I have both bought life time passes for games actually! I’m a big fan on the concept. They seem to cost the equivalent of 2-3 years worth. So, whatever the monthly pass here is times 12 months x 2 or 3 years.

BUT. I don’t trust IP2 to do this. I can see them selling a lifetime pass and then refusing to honor it. Maybe they will rename the campaign pass, same rewards, just new name and no other change, and go lololol the lifetime sub doesn’t include this newname pass, just oldname pass!


It’s not pay to win. It’s pay to keep up. I know folks that are completely caught up getting their behind handed to them by someone missing 50 troops in Wars. So spending the money didn’t help them win the only competitive mode in the game.


That’s honestly a good point. It’s very true that GoW isn’t p2w, at least not yet. Spending on other games gives you stronger troops, much higher stats, much faster research, extra sigils for awesome OP loot, etc. In GoW, the tiny stat differences between a paying player and f2p player (via kingdom levels, kingdom power, factions, etc) is so miniscule it makes hardly any difference at all, and there aren’t even that many competitive gamemodes. This is one of my favorite things about the game, that you can still be just as good (just not as complete) without spending a dime.


it would be counter intuitive to sell always-premium-pass for 30-50 dollar if they can get 1 dollar a week for more than a year

I’m just waiting for them to add another tier of Chests or a third Vault tier or something that’s only accessible by paying real money and will greatly boost your chances of receiving what you’re looking for.

VIP chests are a one-time unlock and then you can spend Gems on them any time you want. I’m talking about a system where there is no “unlock”. You pay for X chests or X “special” Vault keys and when they’re gone you buy more. Cash only forever.

Just wait, it’s going to happen. Not only is this company increasingly against the idea of leaving even a single dollar on the table, but they’re building a bigger table.

Life Time Pass- this game isn’t worth a life time. Actually, not worth passing time in the game either.

Let’s wait and see what the Royal Pass Boost is going to be about. You can keep buying it an unlimited amount of times, for exclusive rewards not obtainable through playing. If we are talking imperial deeds and books, that would definitely allow a huge stat boost only available to heavy spenders.