Life changes in differently matchups - help

When I invade, sometimes my Rockworms has 16 life, other times they have just 14 life. I have tried to figure out why, anyone?


Based on previous replies and topics I think you are on console edition. This is a case where choosing the incorrect forum might get a quicker answer (it actually doesn’t), but it will certainly get you an incorrect one.

For the console version your kingdom bonuses are determined by the kingdom in which the fight takes place. During invades this is the kingdom of the defender. During defense battles this is your home kingdom. Since kingdoms have independent levels, they also have independent bonuses. The fights where your rockworm is bigger ar because you are fighting in a higher level kingdom. It was a common strategy for early players to use the “Choose Another” option when initiating an invade to get a kingdom they have good bonuses in. It also is a great way to level the playing field with higher level players as you can work on a single kingdom so when you fight there you are on even footing. By making your highest lvl kingdom your home kingdom, defense battles get a lot easier as well.



Thanks for the reply.