LFG (Looking for Guild)

So, I’m admittedly not a hardcore player. I don’t come up with 400K and 40 trophies a week. But I DO play regularly and would love to be part of a guild that values that. I’m an active player, I contribute what I can, usually 200-300K on a good week…I’d just love to be in a guild with other people who do the same, without being obligated and micromanaged and booted if I decide to play some Assassins Creed for a couple days. If an ideal guild like this even exists…give me a shout out!

About how many seals do you get a week?

200k gold a week would meet our gold requirements, and we’re flexible with other requirements as long as you log in regularly.

Currently Rank 199–the guild name is Bloodred Revenges. Let me know if you’re interested!