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LFG... Looking for Gnomes

Last seen before Battle Crashers became a thing.

History of Gnomes
Originally upon release drop rate was “too high” and rewards were “too good”. A nerf made the drop rate worse. Kept the rewards high. The community complained so rewards were nerfed and the drop rate was changed to 1:30 matches.
For sure, during these “nerf crasher” events the drop rate doesn’t stay 1:30. May be a bug, or may be intended. And given that there are more gnome types than originally released. One could easily figure out. The low percentage of seeing treasure gnomes these days. Common sense would tell us that treasure gnomes are now the rarity that was originally intended. So shouldn’t the rewards be restored to original intent as well now? Outside of nerf crasher event. The probability of getting a treasure gnome should be 1:120 matches (Soon™ to be 1:150)… So if the rewards were made 4 times better.That would make sense right? We’ll see. :grinning: