LFG 1500seals/500k everyday player lvl700

What that says up there.

What type of guild are you looking for?
Casual? Hardcore?

Celestial Peak is recruiting. We’re a casual-competitive guild, currently league ranking 49.
If you want to stay casual, you only need to meet 500 seals weekly.
If you want to be competitive and climb guild rank, you want to hit 1500 seals a week.
We’re not hardcore, I’ll say this right off the bat. So we’re only at 3 tasks per week and 20,000+ weekly seal range.
Pending experimenting with the Guild War patch, we will be mending the contribution policy within 2 weeks.

Let me know if you’re interested.

Also checkout The Black Pearl, top 20 guild with easy requirements based your stats
Fairly casual guild, see the recruitment post for more details

Check Marthos Guardians rank 5:

Looking again. In a feeder guild; doesn’t look like a promotion in my future. Been here a few months and want to be competitive. Lvl 1050 1500 seals 30 GW battles every week.

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Check us out and lmk if youwanna join!

Dragon’s peak is recruiting one open spot Dragon’s Peak is Recruiting (Tacet the Terror’s Guild) - TOP 10 Guild - 1.5k Seal, 500 Trophy, and 1M Gold Minimum Per Week - 40k Seals and Multiple Legendary Tasks Per Week [29/30]

Honor guard is in need of daily GW players. Let me know if you’d like to join us. Thanks!