Lf guild very active couple lvl160, 8 hours playing each day lf really good guild

Hello, we are Conny and Waldes playing on PS4. We are only Rank 160 atm, but we love this game and are playing about 8 hours every day.

We do everything ingame, even the normal pvp, we just started to play.
We have nothing against donations,ok considering we just unlocked underworld, we cant give too much atm, but we progress fast and then we will give much moore then its required.

We want at least to be under a top 1000 guild, but moore important is the courage, on the 1 kind to have fun, on the other hand pushing the guild higher.

We accept only an invite from a guild with at least 10-15 real active players, because we dont want to be in a full guild like now, with lots of lvl1000 players and only we and a handfull players doing stuff, are active playing.

We accept every international guild invite, we communicate in english or german.
We would be really gratefull if such a guild would invite us, because its feels so much better if you see other players who are doing stuff like we.

Thank you for any reply, have fun,peace and get them ! Best regards, Conny and Waldes

Hi, you are welcome to join Ace Outlaws. We are currently in bracket 10 of guild wars. We have players from all over the world, ranging from level 100 to 1200+. Contact me (Vorlon) on PSN if interested or for more info.

Hello Sir.
Thank you for ur invite. Before we join, are there at least 10to15 players doing the pvp or other events? If yes we a looking forward joining ur guild. Best regards and thank you.Conny+Waldes [Michael}

Hello, we had 23 members who were active this week, with several earning around 1000 trophies. We do all events as best we can. I would like to know what your current level is. Please contact me on PSN, it is more discrete.

We are playing on ps4 gamertag is xxvempyxx and karlsruhe35, ur on pc, all? Is this a problem?

I am level 240 and she s 170. We are playing everyday 4t8 hours. Write me if this ok and we leave our current guild and i send u our code. Are u playing on ps4 too? Best regards