LF a Guild: Level 729 player, details in thread [Guild Found]

I can’t delete this thread. It tells me to “submit a flag for moderation” but I can’t see where that option is. If a mod sees this, could you kindly delete this thread? Or whatever the custom is once things are marked as “completed”. Thank you.


I play daily at the moment and have been for some time. I do everything that is available daily then fall back on Explore 12 or PvP farming usually.

I can contribute a couple 100k easily and I always get 2k seals quite fast. Don’t really know how many trophies I get but it’s a decent number as well (3,3k after 14 days in a guild right now so I can presume at least 1k weekly).

Now I don’t have too many troops and my only downfall is the restricted type of events really. ToD this week is easy enough for me as I got a good green team but I’m still lacking troops basically (I have 1 natural mythic so far for example). The longer I play the sooner that changes obviously.

I’m not a hardcore min/maxer so preferably not a guild that requires 8h/day to play and to get every little thing as effectively as possible, but something semi-serious where at the very least events are somewhat coordinated. Like ToD for example.

Anyway, hit me up in here I guess or, the easier way, on Discord: Anthrax #4141. My PSN ID is: Sephinova so you can also search there.

I’m also active on the GoW Discord and would prefer that the guild maybe had a Discord as well, but I got a keyboard hooked up to my PS4 so I can still type in Guild Chat easily.

If you’ve read this far then thanks.

Edit; I’d like to add that it’d be great if the guild could also give a notification any time someone starts a 1h pet rescue as they’re random.