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Leviathan - "Wave Crash" / Azura - "Pool of Sorrow"?

Just the text is not really clear about damage

“deal x damage” to all, to one ???


The text is long but can you add this info


“Dispel all enemies and deal them all 2 damage.” - is what it should say. No room.

“Deal all enemies 2 damage and dispel them.” - is less space but the wrong event sequence, as it dispels first.

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Dispell and deal 2 dmg to all enemies. Might be a better way to phrase it?


a bit the same for the spell “Pool of Sorrow” from Azura…

Which one do you think is the better ability?
Wave Crash, or Pool of Sorrow?

@Silvergem, for my part i’m more for Leviathan…
Wave Crash boost ratio 3:1
Poll of Sorrow boost ratio 4.1

Good, I was just thinking to myself (why I came here) how terrible the new legendary is, but if he damages _all _ enemies he isn’t too shabby.