Leveling up your Hero

Can anyone tell me how to level up my hero that I made please help I’m stuck :frowning:

You hero level goes up by winning battles. Your class level however can be leveled up in the Hero menu (Class->Customize) with souls, and maxes out at level 20.


so can your hero go above 4 stars

The stars/rarity of your hero is based on their level. I believe Mythic (Light Blue, 5 stars) is at level 500? But I’m not 100% sure sorry.

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I’m at 145 and orange right now and have 4 stars

Apparently I can’t count stars… Mythic should be 5 stars. Fixed my previous post.

Are you a player on here or are you one of the ones that started up the fourm?

I’m just a player, not a dev.

I’m still learning lol but doing pretty good for someone who is not a gamer


99% of the people on these forums are very accommodating and will help you in any way that they can. One of the best from my experiences.

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is there anymore tricks or hints you guys can give me to get me threw this? Please

What other questions might you have?

how do you get 60 moves on the tresure game

There are many more people out there that are more efficient at treasure maps than me. I’m sure that someone will see this thread and lend ya their expertise.

oh so i’m not the only one who has that problem lol

how long have you been playing Gems of War Macawi?

I started the game in October of 2015 I think it was.

Wow on PC /mobile or what

Pc/ mobile.

I’m on my phone