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Leveling up treasure

Can somebody tell me what the benefits are of leveling up treasure?
As far as I can see it is quite useless since at level 20 treasure gives as much gold as level 10. So why leveling up?

Why not? (10 chars)

For some strange reason Delve treasure is being treated as a troop and can be leveled. Don’t do it. I assume some weird oversight from C&P stuff in game.

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nope they stated was on purpose believe they said thought it would be fun or something…

That is the most stupid answer ever…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I know. I had to extend it to get around the 10 character limit. Honest answer: I have souls and traitstones to spare, so I did it on a lark. If I ever wind up with 191 Coin Purses, I may ascend them to mythic as well.

If you level and trait the treasure and then decide to use it, it will still have the level and traits when you get the troop again.

Doesn’t scream CYA at all. Yah, yah. We meant to do that.

it should still have the traits and level

You can trait and level them cause they are troop and you can use them during battle but i agree it’s a waste of ressources

And they all have the exact same spell and traits. Lazy, stupid decision to have them as troops.


As troops? Don’t think I ever use them as troops…. They are quite useless as troops, the little bit of gold they generate is no compensation. Furthermore you can only gain 100 gold in a game, so for treasure having any advantage that should be increased.