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Hey guys! I am currently on level 46 and I’m not sure how to speed up the process of leveling up. I see a lot of people in global chat who are over level 1,000 and many of them have claimed that it only took them a few months to achieve that. Is there any tips I can get from people who are actually that level? Since I have had Gems Of War, I haven’t seemed to reach level 50 regardless on what device I have used.

I would discourage focusing on hero level as a measure of progression. All hero level does is give you harder opponents to fight in pvp. Instead, focus on unlocking and leveling kingdoms and hero classes - those stat gains will be far more meaningful than your hero level.

That said, your early goals should be to save enough gems to buy the dragon/celestial armors, critical for raising gold and souls respectively. They also increase your experience gained per fight, so as a side benefit your hero level will go up faster too.

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I disagree up to a point. Your mastery is tied to lvling and some weapons are tied to your mastery. There are several things you can do to lvl. 1 is to join a guild. Guilds open up the game for you giving you more variety of events to participate in. If you joined an active guild, you will have access to gems through guild task. Save enough gems to purchase a dragon or celestial armor. I would go with Dragon armor since it will allow you to produce gold at a much quicker pace. Early game players should concentrate on opening up all kingdoms. At a certain mastery you will gain the Runic Blade weapon. Opening up kingdoms will eventually give you access to Arena. The Arena is a great way to learn about troops and creating a synergistic team. With your weapon, armor, and class equipped, you should have very little problem going through arena. It is a great way to generate gold, xp, keys(?), souls, seals, and glory(?).

You should have access to a lot of keys through your guild. Use those keys to get more troops. More troops give you more variety to be able to handle kingdom encounters.

At some point you will unlock either the titan or sentinel class as you unlock your kingdoms. You will also unlock the mang weapon as you increase your mastery. Titan/sentinel class along with Mang equipped, will allow you to go further in guild events, pet rescue, dungeon, other events.

Do as much of the dungeon you can daily. Do also the adventure board daily


Personally I strongly dislike Arena. Apart from that, the posts above got it covered.
Also, once you get some powerful weapons and troops battles become easier and shorter which leads to faster leveling.

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I agree with most of this but arena is not something I am keen on and has no current hero class benefits. But it’s a pretty decent source of souls which are vital for new players. I would add that you should pick an appropriate home Kingdom to maximise the resources you value most. Many people start off with whitehelm for example. As others have said, hero level isn’t really the priority and levelling too fast has negative consequences. Kingdoms and classes are very important. 250 wins with each class unlocks a specific weapon and some of them are very tasty indeed. Spread the love and don’t focus too much on one specific class being maxed. Some are worth the grind to 100 but most are not. A good guild will offer most if not all the advice you need. Have fun.

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Hey thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tip mate.