Leveling event rewards

I am sure this has been addressed elsewhere, or is simply a goofy question to some veterans, but I couldn’t find the topic, so away I go.
I’ve noticed in some events (see example below for a faction event) I max at x rewards at “level 100”, but others at the top seem to get more reward rounds, better rewards, at level 500. I am sure that is a bit confusing so…

Is this related to level of player, guild, faction, or maybe some other obscure feature I am not thinking of? Not whining about it, just wondering how to get there.

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Those at the top spend a ton of gems to buy more rounds in order to hit the leaderboard. Unless you’re willing to spend real money, it’s not worth it.

Thanks @RiverSong. Love the moniker. The Doctor approves. However, which timeline are we in? Am I allowed to know this about spending on the gems yet??? :+1::smirk: couldn’t resist. You are the best! Allons y!!!

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