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Leveling Class skills

I’ve Googled this and haven’t found the answer.
When you choose a class to level up, at the top there’s a “Skills” section. What determines the skills in this section? Like, I’m level 100 in the Assassin class, but my skills are lower than the Doomsayer class and I haven’t even finished leveling that class yet, so it’s not the kingdom levels. Because my Kingdom mist of scales (Assassin) is higher than sin of Maraj (Doomsayer). The life skill :heart: Is way lower at Assassin than at Doomsayer. Why is this?

Like troops, levelling up the class (using souls) increases the hero’s skills. And different classes give different skills.

See here for archer for example: http://gowdb.com/classes/11138

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Thanks for responding. They’re both level 20 and both fully trained. I just don’t have all the talent points for Doomsayer yet.

Here’s the breakdown:

Assassin- 10 Attack
5 Magic
6 Life
12 Armor
Doomsayer- 5 Attack
5 Magic
24 Life
4 Armor
So my question is, why is the Life so much higher in DS? So I guess some are higher in Assassin, but the Life is what I’m interested in.

Yep. Just like different troops get different skill points when they level up, different classes get different skill points as well. Here’s Assassin and Doomsayer:

I guess the answer to “why” is “because they were designed this way” :slight_smile:


Oohhhh…cool. Thank you so much!!!:+1:t3:

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The answer is:
Different stats are valued differently. Usually it’s like this
Armor/Life: worth 1 per stat point
Attack: worth 2 per stat point
Magic: worth 4 per stat point.

This means:
Assassin: (10 attack x2)+(5 Magic x4)+6 life+ 12 armor= 58
Doomsayer: (5 attack x2)+(5 Magic x4)+24 life+ 4 armor= 58

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I see…thanks so much! :slightly_smiling_face:

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