Level up questions

Sometimes when I have leveled up a troop that has more than 1 thing going on in the magic ability (eg deal 5 damage and create 6 red gems) only one of those things changes.
Is this supposed to happen? If so, is there a way to know what will change and what will stay the same before leveling up?

Also had an issue the other day when I leveled up the magic on a troop that had 1 numbered attribute, and nothing happened. I leveled up 3 magic levels and the number did not change.

Creating gems based on magic was kinda phased out, now only Tassarion creates gems based on magic.

If a troop summons something then the lvl of the summon troop is based on magic up to the max lvl you have that troop lvled to.

And some troops just plain don’t scale, at all.


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Alright so troops that have create gems and other attribute, only the other attribute number goes up and not the amount of gems created.

The troop I was having a problem with in this case did summon something so this explains that.

Yes, but that isn’t even always linear. For example the weapon Crescendo scales with half Magic, so if your Magic score were 8, the weapon would do 6 damage; and if your Magic increased by 1, the weapon would still do 6 damage (the game always rounds fractions down).

there is a quick way to check in game how your troop will scale with magic.

use a team bonus that gives magic (preferably at least +2 magic since some spells scale at lower rate then 1:1)

here is a team i use for this

banshee with no team bonuses:

team bonus:

banshee witth that team bonus:

it does not have to be precisely those cards, i just used bonus of “3 unique ghoulvania” and “3 unique undead” (+banshee was another undead/ghoulvania but thats an accident, they altready both give nagic at 3 unique troops) there is plenty of other magic bonuses you can compose team of