Level Disadvantage And Matchmaking

I’m a new player to the game at around rank 80 or so. The game is a ton of fun so far with one exception. Almost every game I’m matched in to is against an opposing team that is near or at max level while my team is generally just above level 10. I’m almost always at about a half stats disadvantage because of this. It gets kind of frustrating. I spend my souls. It’s not like I’m hoarding them. But, my highest level legendary (I only have 3 of them and only use Krystenax.) is only 14 and I’m facing teams with multiple level 18 legendaries in nearly every game.

Does the matchmaking take level into account? If not, it really should. I mean… it’s bad enough that I’m facing teams with double the amount of base rarity legendaries, but the level disadvantage on top of it is frustrating as a new player with less resources.

Matchmaking calculations are a bit of a mystery, but many forum members (myself included) have observed that the strength of PvP opponents is related to the strength of your defence team. This is why the developers clamped down on people fielding 1 troop defence teams.

To make your life easier you can field a team of four troops at level 1. This should overall reduce the scores of opponents but please note it’s still possible to get matched to much stronger opponents. The downside is that you won’t win any defence battles but that’s ok because they don’t matter! You still get defence rewards even if your team loses, and you’ll still get plenty of revenge battles.

Alternatively you could play casual PvP where it’s cheaper to re-roll the opponents list. But I imagine you’d probably rather spend that gold on levelling your kingdoms.

Finally, do try and use troops that generate souls. Valkyrie in particular is popular because she’s really easy to build a strong team around. If you need help building a soul generating team please ask :grinning:

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I second this! There are plenty of people on these boards who are straight up gangstas and willing to help!


In fact try this one

Lion banner

The devoted

Alastair to tank and valk to power the devoted and rowanne. The devoted helps to power rowanne and rowanne nukes the other team


I found the best way to generate souls quick is in arena, but you need good weapons which you probably don’t have yet. Then you need a soul generetor like valkyrie or the dragon soul and team them with troops that have nercomancy like keeberos, flesh golem or warlock. Then just do explores in kindoms that you have completed or if you need specific traitstones.

I have a drongon soul with 3 flesh golems and generate 210 sould per match on normal difficulty with viking armour
I use runic blade hero wepon and get about 2560 souls after it complete, takes about 10-15MINS

A soul generating “team” is an, at least, semi active guild.

A guild with some higher ups (like level 400+) who spend good money in the guild tasks because they have their kingdoms maxed out. 3-4 active ones of those are enough.

Just say what you need in the guild chat, otherwise they may only/mainly go for special keys.
If you are an active person yourself they’ll be happy to help. Even if you don’t attribute to the guild tasks (you should concentrate your gold on your kingdoms)

From the guild tasks you get souls but those are not high in number, more important are the gems you get. Once you used the gems to buy the two best gem-armors (500 gems each; one with +100% souls and the other with +100% gold) you collect the gems again to 500 and buy the 18k souls cauldron from the shop.
If you do the events which give gems as reward too, then you should be able to buy the 18k souls every two weeks.

This doesn’t require you to have any specific troops, traits, weapons, whatever or to spend time to farm souls which is tedious at your level.

For a larger number of souls you’d need The Dragon Soul (took me ages to get that thing - the keys from guild tasks help here too) and three troops with an active necromancy trait to max out the soul limit.

I’m level 600 and get 320 souls per soul-farm-battle but it bores me so quickly, that I have no patience to really farm large amounts. 3-4 battles and I’m fed up ^^ I’m no farming/grinding person.
I only do it when I’m short of some and need to max a troop.

As for pvp: when I started, I built up a Goblin team. I find them easy for beginners, they normally give you an extra turn and an complete Goblin-only team from Zaejin gives good boosts too.
Later I switched to Undead because they have troops that give souls.
The soon I had 4 dragons from Dragon’s Claw I made a team of them and they rocket in pvp :slight_smile: Had a lot of fun with them for a long time.
All I had back then was Dragon Eggs, Baby Dragon (used those two as fodder, not casting them in battle unless there wasn’t much else to do or my tank - the egg - was about to die), Dragotaur (that one’s an important key troop) and Dragonette. In that order.