Level and Life of troops at 100?

I am fairly new to the game but have around 800 troops by now. I have ascended a few and yet my troops are only on level 20 and their life on 40 - 50.

In some places I see other troops that I have to fight against that say level 70 or 100 at the top of the card and then they have around 100 life too. How is this possible? I thought the highest level was 20 and how does one get the life so high? I have one Mythic troop and even that guy is only on like 40 life.

I am not talking of my hero - my hero has a very high level obviously (326 at present). I am talking of the troops.

Thank you!

Player owned troops are capped at level 20.

The ones you see at level 100 or whatever are full AI troops set to be that strong by default.


The key to increasing the stats on your troops is A) Increasing all your kingdoms’ level with Gold and B) Obtaining Kingdom Stars via unlocking traits on troops, leveling up troops with souls, weapons with ingots etc. Another way is through Pet Rescues and delving in the Underworld.


As they said there are ways to get more stats which apply to all troops. Team composition can also grant additional stats ie: having 4 troops sharing a colour or multiple troops of the same type or kingdom. Sometimes in the game you will be facing AI troops with much higher stats than yours. The trick to doing this is not so much stats (but they do help some) it is mostly about building a team with synergy that work together. You as the player always go first you also can make intelligent moves anticipating what they will do so you still have the advantage. Board control plays a big role in this game so learn asap how to take the most beneficial moves in the situation so as not to hand extra turns to the enemy or give them mana that will fill a key troop of theirs. Sometimes sacrificing some life by handing them skulls rather than letting them take a critical colour of mana is beneficial. They are likely to take skulls and often a troop casting can do a lot more damage or mess you up with status effects a lot more than a skull match will.

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Thank you for the advice. Yes I finally managed to beat that team of Level 100 from the AI (It was the last stage in Pet Rescue). I changed up teams three times to do so though, and also if you get a good board of gems it helps a lot - there is definitely some amount of random luck involved, backed up by the team composition and as you say the strategy you employ. I am still exploring different troops and teams and have also realized different teams work better for different occasions. I am very excited about this though as it keeps the game interesting - unlike some games where you just end up sticking to one advanced team all the time.

I am pretty scared of using any troop that produces skulls though. I have seen the AI using a skull-generating troop and every time it worked in my favor - I ended up using the skulls it created to wipe out their troops, more than they did mine. So if I use a skull-generator it might go the other way round.

I also feel like that about troops that generate specific gem colors - I have tried a few and the enemy usually ends up using the gems instead of me.

I highly suggest working towards this team for yourself asap. The troops are all easy to get and the damage output is really good. It is one of the best beginner teams you can use. The Shield of Urskaya is a free weapon you get from doing 100 wins with Sentinel class, you get Rowanne from the quests early on, the harpy mage can be picked up from the Stonesong Eyrie faction it is epic so it should be rather easy to get and Leprechaun is only ultra rare. Rowanne does scatter damage boosted by armor with a x2 boost per armor, the shield stacks a ton of armor it is boosted by all enemy attack so it scales well at high level content. Good luck and enjoy.

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Thank you I will give the team a try!

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Rowanne can usually one shot the whole enemy team sometimes 2 shots for tougher fights. It will really help you get started anyways. Make sure to find a good guild the stats from the guild tasks do help and they can help to further give you advice and guidance as you learn and grow as a player.

Another beginner weapon that scales with AI levels is Mang. I used to use it with the Great Wyrm from Wyrmrun faction in e12 runs.


*250 wins, but yes. Class wins count even if the Hero isn’t on the team, just slap a random class on any random farming team and it will count towards unlocking the class weapon.

But yeah, Shield of Urskaya, arguably my favorite weapon. Armor buff that scales by enemy Attack is so powerful it feels illegal, especially when you pair it with troops that scale by Armor – my go-to is Paladin for that pure single-target damage[*1] (goodnight any Faction with Brown in its color scheme[*2]).

*1 - Yes I know Rowanne’s scatter damage is even more powerful if delivered to just one target but pray that enemies didn’t get the Tidal Affix buff or you may as well abort the run.

*2 - I prefer to run Delves using a Weapon that matches the faction colors, because that feels like it should be a standard requirement already.


You can counter their submerge with a class that does dispel on 4+ matches.
(edit: this is not specifically a delve team I am suggesting it for doing explores challenges and the aforementioned pet rescue they were having trouble with. There is a lot of content like that that is difficult for early players without an A team especially if they are lacking some things like bonus stats from medals and guild and kingdom levels and do not have all their troops at max ascension level and fully traited. In these cases even the higher tier daily adventures can cause players issues.)

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Like running Sentinel (which I do … a lot), or just bring Leviathan along. It’s scary just how fast a run can go south in high level Delves, and losing your Hero can immediately ruin a run. (I hate The Maraji Queen with a passion for this reason)

edit: ah, yeah, Pet Rescues and other event types too (Delves are the only mode where you really can’t afford to lose troops). I forget which rescue I first beat through Lv.100 for the guaranteed pet but the enemy team was Merlantis and wow did Amira have a lot of fun with that.


Most end gamers’ troops have higher stats from kingdoms…

You get stat bonus for reaching:

Kingdom Level 10, 15, 20 (Most end gamers’ kingdom levels are 15, +70 boost to stats)

Kingdom Power 5, 10, 20, 30 (most end gamers’ kingdom powers are 20, +105 boost to stats)

There are 35 kingdoms…

So, end gamers add +175 to their troops stats and thats why you see higher stats when you are playing against others in PvP.

As for AI’s troops, they can reach higher levels, lv 350 are possible… To make it more interesting :wink:

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I remember when I started playing and getting to the end of a pet rescue was a real struggle and would take up most of the 1 hour with trying to make it through or struggling hard just to get all the daily adventures done on a day like today where there are better rewards but much harder battles. The Rowanne team was the first strong team I was able to get the troops for and totally turned things around for me where content that was tough suddenly became easy which let me get the resources to get stronger, level and trait all my troops and get the resources for the power levels and kingdom levels.

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