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Level 991 Looking for Guild

Pretty much sums it up. Dedicated player. Plays daily. Looking for a non stressful environment to build, develop, and succeed with. If this describes you, pm me with details/requirements/specs

Aledros Highbourne de Medici


Are you still looking Aledros?

If so come talk to me on our discord channel. Here is the invite code: https://discord.gg/fyHqad

Hey Aledros, here are our requirements for Dominant. We have one spot open

Minimum 300 trophies each week
Minimum 1,800 trophies each month
1500 seals per week
$500K gold per week
Active in all events such as Guild Wars, Raids and Invasions and must play Guild Wars Daily. We want you to play but there is no pressure to win except the pressure you put on yourself!

Hope to hear from you


Sorry Aledros, didn’t realize you were an XBox player!!

Yea I play on Xbox. What platform are you on?


pc mobile. We need 1 player and I saw you looking but didn’t notice you were on XBox. Apologies for the trouble.


Nnp. Appreciate the interest


Hey Aledros. I may have a spot for you in the #100 guild on xbox. Our players are almost all 1000+. All basic tasks done in Monday, plenty of legendary tasks [20ish] Need to chat with you a bit about our expectations. Of you are looking for a guild that puts in work, message gamertag CanyonSurfer, or post your gthere @Aledros

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Gamer tag is Aledros

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Welcome to Apollo and Artemis!

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