Level 819, active, looking for decent guild

What I’m looking for:

  • gets 40k seals per week
  • does ok on tasks/raids/wars
  • decent level
  • not overly serious about the game, but still puts in effort

What you get from me:

  • play daily, just not for hours per day
  • all kingdoms leveled, some 5 star
  • max seals each week
  • participates in raids/wars
  • the majority of my gold each week, typically about 300k

we would love to have you join us, Homebound Recruiting! Rank #49 GW Bracket 4, 15 LT's ,30/30 closed for now - #81 by fishinia

Shoot me an invite whenever. My invite code is HACKSAWW_QHUN. Sound like a good fit to me.

invite sent!