Level 57 Warlord Looking For An Active Guild

I’m a level 57 Warlord who has been playing Gems of War since 2010. I’ve actually run 2 guilds myself. I’m just starting a new account. I look forward to hearing from you.

My invite code is HIEROGLYPHICS_SPMJ

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Hi Hieroglyphics,

I’m part of the Throne of Odin Guild family. We have 8 different guilds with varying requirements. Several of them are beginner guilds. I enjoy it because we have a lot of helpful people and players can move freely between guilds (as openings permit) when playtime availability or other circumstances change. As a veteran player, I imagine you might want to switch guilds as you level and that would be an easy thing to do here.

Feel free to come check out our Discord to see if we look like a good fit for you: