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Level 384 Daily Player. LFG

Hey there. I played for a while but had to stop due to family stuff going on. My old guild couldn’t wait and left me behind. Now I’m back and ready to play.

Level 384(?) and normally rank 1 in Pvp. I love raids and events. I play almost every day.

My kingdoms aren’t maxed, but I’m looking for a good guild that is active and fun. I don’t mind chipping in with a guild that is making progress and getting chests.

Edit: Like I said, I love events. Hit me up.


I’m part of a growing guild. We’re looking for some good natured players. It’s semi-casual. There’s a few of us that will carry every week so you don’t need to feel pressured. Send me a pm on XBox. My GT is HONUSDAN. We’ll connect.

My guild, mousey, has room for 1 more. Our only requirement is that you participate in the weekly guild events & contribute whatever gold & seals you can. We are rank 153, bracket 8 in Guild Wars, and we hit 20k seals every week. If you’d like to join us, let me know your invite code.

It’s kind of like I trying to sell a Miata and telling him all the fun he could have and this guy shows up in a Ferrari!

Now who is the Miata and who is the Ferrari, and which one is fancier? :stuck_out_tongue:

@Fenris if you’re able to meet the requirements of : 200k+ gold (since you’re still leveling kingdoms), 1500 seals, and 150+ trophies per week, and you try your best in all events (doesn’t matter if you win or lose, as long as you’re trying), I have an opening in Phantomkiddz for you. We’re rank #23 on the leaderboards. We currently finish all tasks and a few LT’s each week and get a 40k chest. It’s a drama free, semi-casual guild. It’s pretty quiet, but we’re a nice bunch.

Message GT : Demonitus if you’re interested.

Good luck and hope you find a good home out there! :grinning:

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Hi Fenris, guild The Witchers is looking for new member. We are friendly for players who are still levelling kingdoms as you can choose if to pay 300k gold or get 300 trophies. If you are interested find out more in The Witchers thread, good luck in finding best guild for you