Level 300 Solo Player

Hello all. I am currently level 299 sitting in an inactive guild for the mastery/daily bonuses. Playing solo was alright in 1.07; farming gold to boost kingdom levels. However, now I need keys and such for traitstones and troops. Also, I’ve been surviving on kingdom tribute bonuses for gems. Since that reward has been greatly reduced, I am in need of a better source.

I am looking for an active guild to join once I hit level 300. I will mostly be soul farming in challenges for a while, but will still be getting rank 1 in PVP each week. I can guarantee to put in 1k gold towards each completed guild task, or at least 20k a week. Also, a minimum of however many trophies one gains from rank 15 to rank 1. I may get back into Arena soon if I decide on an ultra-rare troop I would really like to level 20. In that case, I would pull in a lot more trophies.

You are most welcome to join our guild [Ebon Knights] if you like - we’ve a handful of daily active players and currently at rank 9/league 1000 so offer a +30% daily gold bonus.

We’re relaxed, easy going IRL friends and looking at your details we appear to be around the same sort of level/investment etc.

If you’d like to join drop me a message back with your referal code etc.

If you’re looking for something more mainstream/hardcore/advanced however, then no hard feelings! :grinning:


Mean Machine would welcome you open handed. We are ranked 430~ (climbing every day, never fell in rank), have only active members, complete couple tasks each day, no requirements except inactivity (7 days maximum) will result in a kick to free spaces for people who will contribute. We have 29/30 members, 100% bonus on daily rewards, and it you are interested in anything else I’ll answer all your questinons.
If you decided to join give me your invite code and I’ll send it as soon as I get it :smile:

I’m welcoming you to Blockbusters. We have 21 open slots. So feel free to invite your friends if you have. We are ranked in the Top 160 , 100% Daily Gold Bonus. All of the members in the guild are active. For guild requirements and recruitment please refer to this post: Blockbusters Recruitment (Shutting Down in One Week).

How about join us at Celestial Peak?
Guild Level 187 with all Mastery Bonus at +50 or higher
League wise we are at 113 and steadily climbing.

There is no quota on contribution requirements, just be active and give whatever you can spare. :grin:
Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll throw you an invite.

Happy Holidays~

We currently have open spots in Aes Sedai, the number 16 guild in the league…

We are somewhat unique among the top 50 guilds, as our only requirement is activity. No minimum number of trophies or gold donations required each week.

Here’s our guild recruiment topic

Your welcome to join PoTSmokers guild

Clearly, your best option is The Assplowers guild! We’re ranked #37 right now but climbing steadily! No requirements other than activity. Become an Assplower today!