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Active player looking for guild! I took a break from GOW for a couple months but now I’m back. If anyone out there needs active contributor please feel free to send me and invite. My id is: “Gforce”. I’ve been playing gems since release and have been a fan of puzzle quest for years. I play everyday and could be a valuable asset to your guild! I have a number of legendary troops who are leveled up pretty high, a few level 10 kingdoms and plenty of gem matching experience! Ideally looking to join a top 100ish guild but I’m open to ANY ACTIVE guild. Again, my id is “GFORCE”… thank you and happy hunting!


“Some Guild” is at rank 155 at the moment. We have one free spot at the moment and would be happy to have you with us, assuming that you are active in pvp and contribute at least 10k to gems and key tasks every week (The 10k is low and most people go much higher: Even now we have people with over 500k this week) :slight_smile:

Legion of Doom would love to have you. We are currently ranked 67, and have all masteries at 39. Lots of active players, contributors and talk. Just let me know if you want an invite.

I’m at 90 level and very active … my kingdoms levels between 5-10 levels … and i’m sure its not a problem if we talk about seals, trophies and donation… invite me please thank you ( invitation EDER 3 )