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Level 1200+ player seeking new guild - Closed Guild found

Level 1210+ player seeks a new guild where everyone contributes to some extent. I’m a bit fed up of propping up a guild where 1/3 of the members make little or no contribution, but happily log in to collect task rewards.
Not looking for anything too serious, but a guild that completes all statues and maybe a few LTs each week would be ideal. Basically i’m looking to get/forge the few remaining mythics i’m missing. I’m still a long way from zuul so it will take while.

Level 1210+
1500 Seals weekly (normally by Tue)
200+ trophies
Gold contributions vary, but are more than 60Mil over the last 3 years.

I try to play most days, but sometimes can’t if out of the country. If it makes a difference i’m in the UK. Will complete all Guild War battles (mostly score between 40k-50k) and as much raids/invasions as i can. I don’t do discord, not really into the social side of things, but happy to guild chat when playing.

If you have a place in your guild and think I could fit in let me know any weekly reqs and current gulid level.


Gems N Roses will have openings tomorrow. Let me know if you’re interested in joining them. (They did 18 legendary tasks last week.)


Black Dragon has an available spot

Contact me on Discord MadKing#0962


Black Pearl would be happy to have you. We’re looking for someone who plays all guild events and likes the challenge. Requirements - 500k gold/1200 seals. We’re an old guild consisting of mostly veteran players so guild statues are long maxed since :slight_smile:

Feel free to PM or leave your invite code with us if it sounds good:

Thanks to everyone who responded I appreciate the offers. I have found a new guild, so look forward to seeing you on the battlefied.

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