Level 1000+ looking for new guild

My current guild only has a handful of consistently active members, so I’m looking for a guild that has everyone active and stronger requirements. About me:

(Current) Level: 1036
All kingdoms at level 10, power between 6-9
1500 seals/wk
Avg. contribution is 750k-1m gold/wk
6 different teams/4 unique troops each for guild defense and I’ve been my guild paragon for several months straight with avg. scores of 50k+
16 fully leveled/traited base mythics
36 fully leveled/traited base legendaries
Almost all lower rarities are fully leveled and traited
I honestly don’t keep track of trophies but I’m pretty solid with those as well.

This is my first time guild-hopping, so if I’m missing anything big please let me know!



Gems N roses did 25 legendary tasks last week. Direct message me if you’re interested.

If you are interested in joining a great guild, we are in need of a new player. Our weekly requirements are 1,500 seals, 850,000 gold and weekly event participation. We also ask that you level guild war sentinels to 3 each or a total of 12 levels. Also, please join us on discord. We complete all tasks shortly after reset and also 20-30 legendary tasks every week. We also complete all raids and invasions. Let me know if you’re interested in joining us. Thanks.

Edit: I forgot to mention that were usually in bracket one of guild wars. We will be in bracket two next guild war though.