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Level 1 Warlocks

Dear All,

I’ve encountered tonight a very peculiar team consisting in one Valkyrie and three Warlocks. Nothing wrong with that, just the fact that the three warlocks were level 1 and had 12 attack, 8 armor, 25 life and 11 magic. How is that possible?
And this is not the only time I found this. Did anyone else encounter this problem? Is the server bugged? Devs, please fix this annoying problem.

It is likely a high level player who refunded their Warlock, but accidentally set it as their defend team.

The reason his stats are so high are from level 10 kingdoms, 5 starred kingdoms, and guild.


Helloooooo Tacet! :slight_smile:

Nice to see a reply from you. The stats in the printscreen I attached still seem exagerated and as you can see his Warlocks do not have full traits so I doubt his town is 5 stars.


If he gets all bonuses from kingdoms and the guild, the values are very plausible.

I’m Level 1000+
All my towns are 5 stars…
But I still don’t have all my cards fully traited.

I don’t see how 5 stars towns have any relevant interception to a fully traited card. Especially when we’re under the premise that the warlock been refunded.

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Reasons to get level 10 kingdoms right here.

We recently added an article to our help center, that covers all the different places troops can get skill points from:


You forgot to mention 5 star kingdoms give double stat bonus.

I’ll look at adding that.

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