Level 1,091: New to the Forums, but looking for a new guild

I’ve been with my current guild for about a year, and would like to have a more active guild. I tend to be top 5 in all events in my current guild.

Level: 1,091

Current Guild is around level 400.
Weekly contributions to current guild:

Gold: $500K+
Seals: 2K
Trophies: 400

If you could make 700k gold and have Discord we have a spot in our Dominant 3 guild :+1:, part of the Dominant family of guilds

Jump onto Dominant if you’d like to chat

If you want to join a relaxed, high level Guild without requirements that include lots of grinding, we’ve got a space at the Sushi Bar…

We have 9 guilds to choose from in BDC . Some are guild wars oriented and some are events only . Come and check us out on discord. If we can’t place you we have a few friends’ guild families we can suggest as well.

Hey there!

I am Cronus of “Sons of Anarchy”, the best rewarding guild in the game. We are an extended guild family with 8 guilds in total, three under “Sons” umbrella and five under “Dark Avengers” umbrella.

I would strongly suggest you to check us out. We encourage moving between guilds based on activity and each guild is optimized to get most rewards for your contribution / activity level.

PS: feel free to reach out to me on the forum as well.

There’s also Pilipali… :upside_down_face:

Add geoffrey670coc#4315 Discord

A lot of great families have already responded. If you don’t find the opening that you’re looking for, feel free to look at the Throne of Odin family. We have eight guilds spanning from casual to 2M gold weekly with several Guild Wars optional choices.

Best of luck finding the right guild for you!