Level 1,091: New to the Forums, but looking for a new guild

I’ve been with my current guild for about a year, and would like to have a more active guild. I tend to be top 5 in all events in my current guild.

Level: 1,091

Current Guild is around level 400.
Weekly contributions to current guild:

Gold: $500K+
Seals: 2K
Trophies: 400

If you could make 700k gold and have Discord we have a spot in our Dominant 3 guild :+1:, part of the Dominant family of guilds

Jump onto Dominant if you’d like to chat

If you want to join a relaxed, high level Guild without requirements that include lots of grinding, we’ve got a space at the Sushi Bar…

We have 9 guilds to choose from in BDC . Some are guild wars oriented and some are events only . Come and check us out on discord. If we can’t place you we have a few friends’ guild families we can suggest as well.

Hey there!

I am Cronus of “Sons of Anarchy”, the best rewarding guild in the game. We are an extended guild family with 8 guilds in total, three under “Sons” umbrella and five under “Dark Avengers” umbrella.

I would strongly suggest you to check us out. We encourage moving between guilds based on activity and each guild is optimized to get most rewards for your contribution / activity level.

PS: feel free to reach out to me on the forum as well.

There’s also Pilipali… :upside_down_face: