Level 1,057 I need a guild!


I’m a level 1,057 daily player, can easily contribute 500k to 1m gold per week and max on guild seals. Was booted from my last guild because I only got 1,494 seals while traveling cross country. Looking for a guild with high standards with members who are all active. My Xbox gamer tag is A Jazzy Penguin, hope someone picks me up soon. Thanks!

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I’ve sent you a guild invite—we’re the Bloodred Revenges, and we completed a legendary task last week, so hopefully that’s active enough for you!

Feel free to message A Forsaken Fart over Xbox Live, or write back here for further details regarding our guild :smiley:

Sent you a message on xbox live.

Still looking?

You got booted because you didn’t finish guild wars. Had nothing to do with seals. Just throwing that in.

We were in bracket 1 and needed every point.


xl Golden Gunners lx are ranked 72nd in trophies, just 1 year old and rising fast. We complete all events and min reqs are 300k gold, 1500 seals and 150 trophies, all very easy for all the rewards. Would be great to get you on board if your still looking