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Lets talk about the Orbweaver class

This thread is definitely worth keeping alive. Who knows. Perhaps the devs will take pitty on the poor players that still have to face orbweaver with L&D. It took 2 or 3 times to get the bone dragon nerf done right. It could still happen.

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LD is fine. Dragon eye was fine. Only players who can’t build counters have ever screamed wolf

I am actually one of those that miss the old Bone Dragon. Cuz he was goddamn fun to invade with hehe

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I noticed this today for the first time…

Not only are existing status effects being reapplied when Orbweaver summons when hit by damage, the Magic Link from Giant Spiders(s) when summoned are adding to the Banner bonus.

I mean rofl…




Sad story, but true, I had it stunned very early in the game, and clicked and my mouse jarred into something on the desk and I hit the adjacent slot :stuck_out_tongue:


This doesn’t seem too out-of-whack or disproportionate, unless I missed something? Seems like they have the Silver Necropolis banner, and the bonus from Giant Spiders goes up and down depending on how many are alive (as opposed to adding cumulatively over the course of the match, or similar).

I didn’t understand what you meant here, but want to :sweat_smile: can you elaborate/re-iterate?

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If you are engtangled by Root Trap, the web when it summons a troop, reapplies the immunity on the entangled, if first troop gets webbed. So you stay entangled by the web. You pointed that out before :slight_smile:

It does have a lot of advantages when you examine everything paired with other conditions. I didn’t know about the Spider one until it filled from 6 mana and cast, 7 purple and 2 enchant. I’m not sure what it matched, think it was 3 purple, 4 other colours to keep the turn. I was like how did it do that :cold_sweat: :rofl:

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Lol, looks like you had a fantastic enjoyable match over there. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Gotcha, yeah :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :+1:

Right, yeah I see what you mean, I think!! Tbh I hadn’t thought of that either. So as the match progresses, and you kill the other troops to have them replaced by Spiders, Orbweaver L&D’s ability to refill gets better and better, with the increased Magic Links, without having to worry too much about synergy by that point because it’s already beefed up, blessed and enchanted.

I’ve definitely had situations where it’s filled up a bit faster than expected… :cold_sweat: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I just had a hero entangled for 17 turns.

Root Trap turn 1
AI Grave Seer casts 0 purple matched.
Turn 2 I fill troops a little.
AI moves some mana, nothing much
Turn 3 I fill and cast a spell.
AI nothing much, L&D at 8 mana I think.
Turn 4, cast, fill, cast, cast, fill, cast, AI Grave Seer dead, skulls, cast, cast, AI Avelorn dead, 1 Spider,
AI does nothing much, fills Spider, poisons with a skull hit
Turn 5, Hero is webbed and poisoned, entangle resets, match a few, pass turn
Spider summons a Swarm, L&D 14 magic
Fill, Cast, Spider hit, Fill, Spider hit, Fill, Spider killed, cast, cast, Swarm hit, cast, cast, Swarm hit, cast, Swarm hit, cast Swarm dead. Cast L&D dead, Spider pops, webs first troop, entangle reset.
Turn 6 AI nothing much
Turn 7, match a few, nothing much, AI matches a few
Turn 8, AI fills Weaver
I fill a troop, cast, fill more mana - all this time poison resetting immunity timer
Turn 9, Weaver casts, webbed, immunity reset
Turn 10 passed over, nothing much
Next go, cast, nothing much, passed Turn 11, nothing much. Poison ticked again
Turn 12, cast, passed. AI nothing much, Spider full
Turn 13 cast, Spider 6 life, goes, pops a Swarm, entangle still on, skull hit, poison reapplied
Turn 14, kill Spider, pass turn, AI nothing much
Turn 15, cast, fill, cast, fill, cast,Swarm at 5 life - Swarm fires at second troop
Turn 16, fill, cast, fill, cast kill Swarm, AI fills Weaver
Turn 17, kill Weaver - entangle still on hero…

More to it than we probably think when encountering it. :slight_smile:

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Every time a new status effect is (re)applied, all countdowns are reset. That is, there is only one chance to self-cleanse regardless of how many debuffs there are, and it gets sent back to zero whenever a new one is added.


I’m aware of that yep. I just gave an example of how it is working in practice :slight_smile:


I feel this may be a dumb question, but I’ll ask anyway.

Is rope darts armor strip classified as damage?

I don’t know. I rarely use the weapon, although I am using it in this weeks guild event. I think it works in the same manner as Mang, so if a troop has Barrier, it will strip the armor but not do damage. In my opinion, therefore, it is not classified as damage, because if it were, the first damage would remove the barrier, and the second damage would do the spell damage.

Now if you are asking for reasons of reflect damage, I don’t know.

On topic, as fate would dictate, we are facing a dead guild with one player today in Xbox bracket 4. Being dead, the LnD team does not benefit from either Guild Guardians or GW Sentinels. I’d be curious if the player did upgrade Sentinels, if his Soldier would add to his Paragon stats…

I’m currently 14-1 vs the Team. Obsidious and The Gray King are both in the Soul Forge this week, but my one alt is as stubborn as a Dwarf. Wants to do things his own way because he thinks he knows how to do it better.

He had to kill 7 spiders one time. For his loss, he killed Orbweaver and summoned three spiders. Yup, that’s still a thing. Hopefully my other alts will learn from his foolishness, but I don’t know if they read guild chat either…For the Horde


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Rope Dart + Reflect = Lethal Damage

I believe it was fixed, but last year reflect would kill on any strip armor effect.

Thank you for the reply. The reason I asked is in the screen capture. I had gotten webbed by AW 4 turns before (with 3 cedric medals mind you) and it was not looking good, I used rope dart on LnD to at least get rid of the armor and hope for the best. It did 3 damage as expected being webbed. But I got 2 spiders summoned.

Edit: even better was losing Ishbala and Qilin 1 turn after getting death marked. That rng streakiness :yawning_face:


Mm, that does seem kind of weird. The strip armour doesn’t count as damage for Barrier or Reflect, but does count for and trigger Orc Armor. I guess it triggers Orbweaver’s trait, too.


There’s a problem with strip Armor in general. For example, megavore doesn’t remove barrier if you target another troop (which would be working as intended I would say) but crab man submerges himself. In the below example I targeted monk with megavore. So, is it, or isn’t it damage? Either it is and you lose barrier and get crab man submerged, or it isn’t, and you keep barrier and crab man doesn’t submerge.


The best/only explanation I know for this atm is:

It seems to at least be consistent in that any Remove/Strip Armor spell registers as damage when it comes to traits, but not for status effects.

I guess inconsistent in terms of things counting as damage or not across the spectrum of game interactions, though, and understandably confusing/unexpected for us.