Lets spot the differences 😏

i founded it :sunglasses:




Asset efficiency. :smiley:


Like two twins where only one has freckles, but both look good.

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maybe this will help devs save costs :grin:

You’ve met my brother too?

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Don’t forget the Fay Cap/Giant Toadstool twin! When in battle, they almost look the same. Even close-up is just a mirror image with a bit purple/red difference.

And the big deal is?

Now you can have Fairy Ra without waiting for the Soulforge!

Can you copy right violate your own work? :thinking:

It’s appropriation. :wink:

I went to Google to get smarter… Ended up getting dumber. Thanks @Cyrup. :wink:


No, guys, I think you have it all wrong. Look at these pictures and all the similiarities:

  1. Extremely similiar belt
  2. Some flames
  3. Somewhat similiar position/way of holding the staff
  4. Titania’s staff has a bit of a curly shape in there as well
  5. Both have a headpiece pointing up

…Obviously, Titania is a fan of Pharos-Ra. No other explanation possible. She just copies him.

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She did the best she could with her Pharos Ra cosplay.


And - if you play the storyline a bit more - (spoiler) you can see that she’s allied with the Stryx. She obviously likes birds. But I still hope no one writes a fanfic about her and Pharos-Ra now…

I think it’s more a case of…


Just for you Sheba!!!

Titania was a squire the first time she saw Pharos Ra. He was larger than life, limmed in light and every part of her stuttered. She had never seen a sight so beautiful, so perfect. He had sculpted shoulders that led to deeply muscled arms. His hands looked rough, rough but steady as they wielded a staff and in that moment she vowed to learn how to use one, to better emulate him.

She didn’t know if she wanted to be him or love him but she did know her life would never be the same.


OMG I’M DYING!:joy::star_struck: This is perfect, you can’t do this to me at 4:20am in the morning (after I’ve already said ten times I’d go to sleep but more and more awesome stuff gets posted).:laughing:
I want this to be official lore now. Who in your office is allowed to declare official lore? They should do that right now.:rofl:

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It’s time to zzzz Sheba. I can write you more fanfiction later.