Let's make some great ideas for Dungeon!

What I think about the Dungeon should be like an endless adventure.:thinking:

  1. A team can’t be changed unless you get to the SavePoint. In SavePoint, you can change a troop into another one, but only one can be done.
  2. Hero can change weapon every fight. That makes sense, doesn’t it?:crazy_face:
  3. Enemies will get stronger when you come into a new place. But you will also get stronger. After you finish a new place, your team will level up.
  4. Some negative status will be set in a special place, for exemple, when you start a new fight, you will be poisoned every turn. Special place gives special rewards, btw.
  5. Boss update! They have different combinations of passive.

OK, let’s see what will happen when we go into the Dungeon!

  1. You went into the Dungeon with three troops.
  2. You saw a team of undead in a room. Fight with them!
  3. But the room was full of traps. You got BLEED at the beginning of each turn.
  4. Of course you win!
  5. Another room, Another team, and another room, another team, maybe some of the rooms had traps.
  6. Finally you met the Boss. Impervious, Earthquake, Conflagration. Wow…
  7. After a hard fight, you won it, and got to the SavePoint.
  8. You changed a troop into another, because you found the next area was full of fire.
  9. You saw the Leaderboard. Rank 999+.
  10. Quit the game, because you think this Mode is b*******t.