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Who is your favorite historical figure and why?

Mine is Hannibal Barca!

He was a Carthaginian General who took his army from spain across the alps to attack the romans during the second punic war. c.220BCE

He spent years moving all aroumd italy handing out defeats to the super-power of the time and did it like a gangsta!

Everyone talks about cannae when they talk about Hannibal bit i particularly like the battle of lake trasimene where hannibals army laid in ambush and trounced the unsuspecting roman legions

Mine is King Charles the 2nd of Spain.

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Mozart. He was a rock star before rock stars were even invented.

Darwin, he made it clear that we are clever apes.

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Ian Curtis, The vocalist of Joy Division, Song: Atmosphere, generally describes what many of the human beings go through nowadays.

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Emperor Guangwu (born Liu Xiu; 13 January 5 BC – 29 March AD 57). He was one of the Emperors of the Han dynasty. I don’t know which Nth generation, but it was definitely before the times of the 3 Kingdoms. In fact, Lui Xiu was really the founder of the “Han” dynasty of the 3 Kingdoms era, because before him the original Han was temporarily usurped by Wang Mang until Lui Xiu’s “rebellion” took power back and re-established Han (historically known as Eastern Han or Later Han dynasty)

Supposedly, during a pivotal battle at the Battle of Kunyang (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Kunyang) where he faced overwhelming odd (400 thousand imperial troops vs. his ten thousands), there was a meteor shower that night that happened to strike the opposing commander’s camp. SO yea… you could say that it was the first historical “Meteor Shower” spell :sweat_smile:

Ok, whether or not the meteor part was history or folklore, the fact that he won that battle at that kind of odd made him an amazing strategist and military leader. But at least, in the more nerdy circles of Asians, we kinda call him as the “Archmage Emperor” of China… Because seriously, that kind of odd was just godly.

princess diana/ondine rothschild

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Queen Elizabeth I of England.

@RiverSong interesting choice😎 why?

@RiverSong here is why i say interesting choice


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If Elizabeth had not ruled England, there would probably be no Protestant church as we know it. The United States would probably be a Catholic country, as well as Canada and Australia, among others. As a result of Elizabeth’s reign, England enjoyed almost 40 years without war, which allowed technological and intellectual progress to flourish. She ruled at a time when women were considered property and useless for almost anything else.

And no, she wasn’t a man.


I absolutely agree about your assessment of her acomplishments and 1000000% she wasnt a man. This particular podcast was the first place i ever heard that rumor and found it to be preposterous as did the podcaster btw




Well hmmm I have a few and really can not just say one. so here is a list, and in no particular order. I have my reasons for liking them. And some may or may not like my choices. My choices still remain as my favorites.

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Alexander The Great
  • Joan of Arc
  • Cleopatra

For anyone interested the new Hardcore History by Dan Carlin is out now!!! Titled The Celtic Holocaust

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