Let’s talk Wisp. (3,2)

I will say this.
Wisp are really really really easy to manage currently because Stealth is bugged and I can target them.

So devs, there is the fix you needed. Remove Stealth. You can put the Magic Link back for all I care.
Go go Elf-Eater

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wouldn’t that take strategy a little more out of the game?


Assuming stealthy starts to work again, wisps seem fine.

They still have just as strong of a start, but everything after that is weaker.


Nah, Wisp had his nerf, no need to nerf him more.

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I’d actually revert the nerf, and just make it a target.
But that’s me.

I like the fact that with the stealth gone that hogging the board forever is gone. Take STEALTH away from the WISPS. It makes it possible to actually get somewhere, even though they still hog the board.