Let players craft Chaos shards (or gain them outside delves)

Chaos shards are the only resource that have a unique gain point, delves.
They are but needed to get troops for kingdom power.
I hate delves, that’s my problem I know, BUT the current system is forcing me to play a modality I don’t like or I won’t have resource to get CARDS.

Every other modality here is avoidable at the price to gain LESS resource in the same period of time.
For shards this is not true, there are no other way to gain other than play (aka farm) delves.
To me this is the most boring part of playing GoW and that sounds much like a work.

Please, let chaos shards
a- be crafted in soulforge
b- add them as a constant reward in TH.
c- something else
This would also totally remove the need to have at least one delve at low level to be able to fast get shards daily

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Imagine posting about not having enough Chaos Shards less than a day after a new update added Chaos Shards to Challenges.

I know timing is not by my side but challenges are one shot.
Not repeatable so not a valid source given the number of delves still to come.
Am I wrong?


Just use your 3 free delves every day at lv20 and you will make over 200 shards every day on average.

Is this supposed to be a joke:thinking:
I play only 1h a day and I am on the verge of quitting and I can tell you that shards are abundant in this game :+1:

Use a fast team and farm level 20 faction every day.
I made a video of what I am using on low alt account

It avarages around 12-14 minutes per day for all 3 daily runs

What if I was stupid enough or overeager and leveled all my delves?
I don’t feel this is a BIG issue, but the complaint is quite legitimate.

In that case there would be a new delve for you to not level further than 20 every month. One coming this Friday also :smiley:

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Even when all delves are upgraded to max, just playing the tuesday events and upgrading your new faction (like jzg said) will have you more than enough shards to spend when a new faction becomes available.

Rather i wish there was an option to convert some of the useless treasures like moneybags and golden rings to shards or even better allow us to ascend them to create better treasures.


Guys thanks for the advice on farm team but I think you missed the point.
I’m not short of shards, I’m complaining about what I HAVE TO DO to be not short of shards.
I feel like delving daily is the most boring part of playing this game but necessary to have access to troops released.
What I would like is to be able to skip a couple of weeks of delve farming and reserve my limited time to another modality I enjoy more in that period, without being left (too much)behind.
I’ve not enough time to gain significantly from Tuesday or weekend events so daily is my only resource.
Maybe it’s just me but I prefer to enjoy playtime instead of brainlessly farm resource as fast as I can; even that 27 battles at the fastest rate to me are not playing time.
Again, IMO only IMO.
I would really like to use another resource farmed in another way to be converted in shards to not to HAVE to daily farm delves.
If this sounds so strange let it be.

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When you think about it though, battles are basically the same in any mode. Matching gems and use some spells/skulls to kill the enemy. That’s pretty much it. Treasure maps are the only truly different game mode. Whether you’re “in a delve” or “in explore” or wherever you are it’s all really the same thing. If you find delve battles boring then what exactly do you find exciting in other modes?

I get the point you’re making. You want more chaos shards, and you want to get them without playing Delves. Maybe you don’t even like the game mode, so you resent having to play it just to get a resource.

Unfortunately this is part of what people mean when they gripe about “live services”. The game is going to continuously deploy new modes, and the modes have to pay for themselves via player engagement. So each mode is going to have something you can’t efficiently get outside of that mode to ensure all players are encouraged to play it. Even if they don’t want to. :expressionless:

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If you progress through delves and don’t have everything / everything maxed it can get a lot harder.
For that matter, I tend to “plan” my path through delves because I really hate traits like agile so I prefer to fight as few battles with those as possible. Depending on your team this can make quite a difference from explore with it’s random troops, assault with their much more predictable towers, dooms with skyrocketing stats, or pvp which has no color or thematic restrictions…
I’m not voicing a preference here, but to call all modes the same is pretty shortsighted IMO.

Thinking about this a bit, you can buy gold and souls for gems (at what feels like a pretty horrible conversion rate). It probably wouldn’t hurt the “exclusivity” of delves if you could also buy chaos shards for gems.