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Let me remove myself from the rankings. They're just a source of frustration

I want the greater number of trophies that come with ranked play, but the actual leaderboard is nothing more than an annoyance.

My off days are the first 2 days every weekly reset, so it’s when I do the majority of my playing. However, I don’t play nearly enough to be in contention for rank 1-1000. That’s fine; I’m not worried about that.

What does frustrate me is having the ranking stats and such shoved in my face the whole time I’m playing, and then seeing them ground away by your asinine weighted point spread.

Am I making sense? Just let me take myself out of the whole deal so I don’t have to see imaginary progress stolen away because someone at 1/3 of my level beat the AI in a round tied to my name.


Why not just ignore it?

It is possible to never see your global raking as long as you don’t check the leaderboard nor your hero profile.

I don’t personally mind it too much, but I do see the argument. For some people, the number represents a measure of how “not good enough” you are. I imagine it’s rather disheartening to log in every so often and dread seeing that number just a bit larger than before, the gap just a bit wider. Pre-2.0, you could tell yourself that you were top once you finished the PvP grind on Monday. Now you have an exact figure telling you otherwise.

The game has grown a bit more urgent for it. It’s not something everyone can ignore. You make your peace with it or you don’t.


I’d love a toggle for “I never lose rating points, but I’m not eligible for rank rewards, only tier rewards.”

For those of us that don’t give two, uh, things, about being ranked 11,000th or 9,412th, but also don’t want to go to bed needing 300 points for tier 1 only to wake up needing 600.


Because I can’t! Believe me, if I could, I would. I’m not going to deny that it’s some weird personal problem, but I guarantee I’m not alone in my feelings on the issue. If I never had it, I’d never miss it. But if I get it and have it taken away I’m going to be a little salty.

Pretty much. It’s just a number that ultimately has no actual impact on my life in any way, but has a negative impact on my overall enjoyment of the game.


Actually. your global ranking appears on the Stats tab, and you are taken there whenever you go up a tier or win a defense match, whether you want it or nor.


This is the exact reason why I hate leaderboards in general.

Nevertheless I have ignored it up until now rather successfully :slight_smile:

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Ranked matches give so much gold, glory and trophys atm. I dont care about the ranks because getting top1000 requires playing several hours daily atleast which is too much for me. I think the ranks after like top100 should be percentage based.