Less rarer treasure troops

Talking about Coin Purse, Gold Ring. We know they collect a lot and are of no use at all after getting the hoard to Quality level 10. Hoard level might be increased but at snail’s pace spending a heck of a lot of gold.

Requesting a feature where Coin Purses and Gold Rings may be allowed to be used to increase hoard level beyond 100 without spending gold at all. It would be a nice way to make them useful again.


Another idea is, perhaps it can be possible to craft better treasure troops in the soulforge like the weapon parts or stones.


Even 10:1 forging like with ingots would be good.


This needs to happen.

Even if they wanted to keep the existing “Lesser Treasure and Greater Treasure” options in the Soulforge, they could just make the recipe be 10 Coin Purses + 100 Souls for 1 Gold Ring and 100 Gold Rings + 1000 Souls for 1 King’s Crown. Having something to do with the useless common and rare items is all most would care about.

And while they’re at it they can fix the insulting offer for Major Growth Orbs. Those should craft into Major Ascension Orbs, whether it take 10, or 12, or even 20 would be fine. This should be the forging option to make up for bad RNG on the Chaos Orbs.


Just trying to help out a new forum poster — hopefully you realize the post(s) you’re quoting aren’t relating actual dev plans…

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