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Less magic, less power / hero megabuff

They put base 12, maybe with the class bonus for (crescendo) and 22 for creeping death. so be lucky with a lot of health.enemies

Haha now I can honestly say this is crazy. Thanks for making me laugh ONO.

Could you get video of this happening? When we’ve tested internally we haven’t seen that.

it happens to me in a last match yesterday. Every turn the enemy increases armour an d magic. I win with the lucky of the dead mark, without it only with 30 or more damage with creeping dead. Now this battle is impossible maybe with this new stats for hero weapon. If I see again I try to get the video

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That’s definitely a bug and not one that I’ve seen in the several hundred matches I’ve used Humility.

Sorry but you are wrong, the YELLOW guardian (Humility) does not buff when someone dies, it buffs when it takes dmg:

The only guardians that buff anything on something dying condition are purple and blue. Now you are speaking of death mark, if you are using DEATH in your team, that would explain why enemy Humility was buffing enemy team every turn (because every turn, your death’s trait takes 2 hp from the first troop, triggering the talent).

The only alternative to this misunderstanding is, that he’s talking about Ysa (buffing every turn), but doubt he’d be talking about a guild guardian then, so misinterpreting how Humility works makes more sense.

We all got used to how “nice” it was to have overpowered heros with the bugged magic, but the stats now are the REAL stats. It’s not a nerf, only because they took away something that we shouldn’t have in the first place.
I for one am happy, that hero stats are brought back to normal levels. It was annoying every single time having AOE’d down the ENTIRE enemy team, except for the hero left with 50+ hp still lol. Good bye excess hp/armor; extra magic - it was nice having you.

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I calculane Heroes bonuses.

He is 20 level Necromancer, and have base 8 Magic, 12 Attack 33 Health and 18 Armor, + 5 Magic when using purple weapon, and + 2 Magic from temporary guild bonus.
And I have some Kingdoms bonuses: +4 to Magic, + 3 to Attack and + 4 to Health.
So, My Hero Skills should be: 19 Magic, 15 Attack, 37 Health and 18 Armor.
But he have only 18 Magic, 13 Attack, 35 Health and 18 Armor.
In attachments I add screenshots of Hero skills and Draakulis as example that other troops get their bonuses correct.

I´m not inventing anything. It´looks like there is an error in translation in humility also (like I found in sacrifice). just see the translation in Spanish and tell me now.

I´ve been playing Gow for a long time, I’m not a novel. I work hard to update my magic kingdoms to level 10 and to 5 stars and enjoy every magic point I get. I repeat hard , hard work. Now all my great job has been broken by this nerf, ( I’ve not heard anything about this buff before).

I see that only hero with his weapons is the only alternative to the predetermined builds that everyone wears.
Just see: Emperor korvash, Valkyrie( maybe not for long time because also been buffed), dragon bone, and now guardians. The one of the dragon soul and the one of the bombots, or real damage with humility.

Tell me. Is there any competitive build without this troops and the new queen. Before you can try some with hero especially. With this buff hero in so many builds became obsolete. Easy to kill and lower power.
If the chance is fight like everyone with the same teams I think I’m not going to play much more. If it’s become like every single game with the predetermined builds or you are a looser.

I believe than every level up of hero was to make him more powerful. Maybe more than any troop, I think is the logical. Now I think I´ve been losing my time climbing hero level for nothing. It was nice while it lasted. After so many hours dedicated, this extreme nerf (we are talking about minimum 8 magic points) makes me retrain of what I ´m doing.

Now this are stats for a legendary troop (not even mythic) vs. hero.

So where is the difference they must give the hero his 1015 levels he got. Is ridiculous. I think game is broken for anyone who wants an alternative to the usual teams everyone got.

Thanks for reply and for your suggestions . Good luck all and enjoy (no one Knows when a new nerf can destroy something more).

Yeah looks like someone mixed up translations for the cards. You can always find english card descriptions to check.

it was NOT a nerf, I really cba to write everything all over again, so here, maybe this time you’ll read it:

Funny how people never notice when they get free stuff because of an error, only the moment it’s being fixed after.

You link Behemoth and your hero, to me they look BALANCED.

so it was ok when it was 50% STRONGER than a legendary card, but now that it got balanced to the same lvl, it’s not enough? :wink: to me it looks like your hero is still STRONGER than the Behemoth, more armor, more hp, more magic, overall a better unit.

e/ oh and by looking at your screenshots, I was right, about the Death triggering humility, glad that got cleared up

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I think nerf is :

Cambio en un videojuego que reduce la efectividad o potencia de alguna de las propiedades de un elemento o personaje concreto del mismo, con el fin de equilibrarlo.

Se lleva a cabo a menudo en juegos competitivos en red, para equilibrar los distintos personajes o habilidades, ya que a menudo cuando se introducen novedades, los efectos de una clase, objeto, habilidad, etc. pueden estar desajustados y ser excesivamente poderosos respecto a otros. Sorry hard work to translate all.

If this is ok, well, where are the mega power heroes in the teams of the most powerful players? If they are so powerfull i don´t understand why they don´t use them. This is my opinión, i´m not the master in game of course and i dont need to. I only see the reality. And that is there are fewer options to be competitive without the same build of the most.
You say that hero is competitive with Behemoth. I think you forget hero has 1015 levels tan behemoth not, and it is also mythic.

I am still experimenting with the new Queen, so I don’t know if my teams are competitive. I will give you my experimental teams.

+2 green (Woodlands)
Thrall - Fast Mana Generation
Dragon Knight
Queen Y
Hero - Priest - just for the passive healing.

I think there is a team around Annointed One.

+2 Blue
Annointed One
Queen Y

I’m also trying to see if troops like Elwyn, which are human, become playable because of Queen Y.

I’ve been running with a War/Ysa combo, really seems to work well for me. If War is fully traited extra attack accumulates each turn and once Ysa buffs him he can often one-shot a troop, then Ysa can one-shot afterward.

Queen Ysa

Death is there to cover purple, plus Deathmark is awesome. Only weakness is lack of a mana-drainer.

yeahh, good team, but where is the hero??

Why do you HAVE to have the hero? Some of us remember the days before the buffs and the bugs. Heroes were largely worthless for a long time. Sorry, but it’s like demanding that they restore The Great Maw to pre-nerf status because you refuse to try anything else.

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I’m running a “Royals” team:

Valk (or Lion Prince depending on my mood)
Queen Ysa
Lady Ana

I love it.

I don’t refuse to try. I try more but I repeat, competitive are only a few combinations without hero. Much more with hero (buffed). I don’t see anyone with my team fighting and I fight a lot. It ´s not especial, it´s not amazing, but it was effective and there was diferent. I think the game is becoming an usual game like anyone. Only a few builds or you stay behind. I repeat this is not a attack to the devs and for anyone. I repeat is my humble opinion of what happens to the game for me.
Thanks all and have fun.

yes there are good teams but what is the purpose of hero levels and weapons. They have put here in a moment 5 teams but only one with a hero and is only to give health. That’s what I talking about.

Actually I also ran this team with the Hero running a purple weapon in last slot instead of Death, Creeping Death worked really well. Even though the dmg got knocked back those Deathmarks can still be brutal. So there! :wink:

I have 8 or 9 teams I use regularly. Only two of them use Khorvash and none of them use Maw or Bone Dragon. I don’t use any Mythics. This week I’m 74-0 on Invades. I have two teams that use heroes that are completely unaffected by them fixing the bug. I haven’t used Creeping Death for months.

You’ve been depending on a WAY overpowered Creeping Death and now you don’t know what to do because it’s not as powerful as it was.

Your assertion that only a handful of teams are competitive simply isn’t true.

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Since I discovered an error in sacrice translation in Spanish that says that he kills a random ally (that is false) I were ready to play with:
giant spider
Creeping dead (dead costs so much manna)
Mad prophet

With my old damage base of 30 with a 50% chance to won 1 magic per turn (ability) this was an amazing build.
Now is buffed for creeping dead before I can try it. Now the bonus of mad prophet and sacrice after become the same I was doing before. That’s what I say.(as you see all damage come from enhanced creping dead)

Yes I’m sure there are many builds that could be competitive but with hero a few. And the ones that has it usually be enhanced by guardians.

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