Legit question because I really can’t tell by the picture

But is the Frostfire Troll a boy or a girl?

It’s a troll.


Does it ultimately matter? :woman_shrugging:

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They can choose to identify however they wish. This is 2021.

Disclaimer: gender politics may be not as advanced in Krystara.


I was asking because I really couldn’t tell. It’s not about gender politics. I’m not trying to be funny.

I’m pretty sure Frostfire Troll is female. Someone looking like that helped my wife one time at the Frostfire Keep Victoria’s Secret and I’m pretty sure that store won’t let male employees work at the dressing rooms.

But in all seriousness I’d say female looking at the full artwork.


Thank you for giving me a serious answer. I appreciate it.

I’m in the “does it matter?” camp, but for reference [from Taransworld]:

They’re beautiful :metal:

Looking at the pic, I’d say probably female.

I always thought she was a boy. But today for whatever the reason I went to the card and I noticed the top and was wondering if they were women’s breasts. I understand why people say ‘does it really matter?’. It just matters to me because if I mistake a girl for a boy or vice versa in real life I’d be a little embarrassed and feel bad for the other person. I never want to be rude and I know this is only a video game character but I still felt the need to ask.

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Since this was given the “legit” designation.
Trolls are elemental. And like all elemental beings they are neither male or female since they don’t procreate.

We don’t think of rocks or bodies of water as male or female…well… Same thing for trolls. :person_shrugging:


I am of the “doesn’t matter” opinion, as well as the “they’re elementals” opinion above. And had not given it any thought prior to just now.

But the top makes me want to say its a feminine body? Or supposed to be?

I just want to clarify that my “it’s a troll” was wholly intended to be a “serious answer,” for reasons the last couple of posts make pretty clear.

Physical appearance often isn’t enough to properly identify a gender in real life, let alone for a fictional creature that might not even have one :sweat_smile:

Better to simply challenge the assumption that the boy/girl binary is all it could be.

It’s a troll — it might be asexual and reproduce by budding for all we know (as their regenerative qualities in many depictions might actually suggest!), be hermaphroditic, or any number of possibilities. Let the imagination run wild as a centaur in the divinion fields…


It’s clearly an attack helicopter!


Well… we have male and female rivers in Germany. (Der) Rhein is male, (die) Donau is female.

The Atlantic Ocean is male in German, the North Sea is female, the Black Sea is neutral.

As for the trolls and other elementals, some are at least male or female presenting, and are referred to as he or she in their flavor texts. So I guess they kinda have a gender. :thinking: