Legends Reborn 🙄

How can gow honestly think we’re that stupid. When you click “Show Rewards”, you’re on a page with the word “REWARDS” at the top. But the 2nd and 3rd boxes have ‘prizes’ you have to pay for—either with your own gems or real cash.
You don’t pay for rewards. You earn them from achievements. That’s like winning a gold medal in the Olympics, but you have to pay $30,000 or more to get the actual medal!
You’re not kidding anyone… it’s right there on the page in front of your face. Change the title of “Rewards”. It’s untrue.


Your “reward” for playing is the ability to purchase something. Congratulations, you now have access to a shop item you otherwise wouldn’t have access to! :sweat_smile:

What would you propose as the new title for the screen?


It’s open for suggestions. More minds have more ideas.

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They apparently think paying money for a tedious battlecrasher grind is a reward too. So it doesn’t surprise me that they think paying money for a pet is a “reward” at all.

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Lol. Right? (Thank you.)

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A concept first introduced by the Shrine feature. I wonder, if anyone is actually using that one.



As long as you keep chasing that mechanical rabbit, the developers are going to assume that the greyhounds are content. Complaining in these forums isn’t likely to nudge them very much; they’ll assume that you’re blowing off steam and/or you’re not representative of the broader Gems of War playerbase.

You want them to change their behavior? Change your play in some substantive way. And get others to do the same.


I’m human, got upset, don’t really expect them to change because I wanted it, love playing the game, was venting/expressing myself, all is what it is, thought I could express here—with positive or negative opinions…

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They should just change it to “event shop” as it is in events, This one has a small free sample, and then it wants your gems and money just like the other shops in the game.


But that’s what people did. The game’s down 35% in revenue and presumably even more in profits due to decreased margins (manpower for new content, game mode reworks, UI refresh, …).

If Steam numbers are any indication, then the game has been shedding players for years now and has been doing so at a much quicker pace over the past year. Player numbers now regularly dip below 2018 and even earlier levels.

Normally, this would set off alarm bells at the office and the team would meet to discuss course corrections, but IP2 appears to have doubled down on the current direction in their 2023 roadmap.

You can’t assume developers always fundamentally act rationally, despite ample amounts of hard data at their fingertips. IP2’s unwillingness to correct course lead to the sale of the studio and IP.

I believe (not just by reading the mood on the forums) that players have overwhelmingly rejected the content that was produced in 2022.

I don’t think the current player base will play & pay more for content of these types:

  • Dead on arrival content (Deep Delves).
  • Play-more-to-pay-more content (Legends Reborn, Kingdom Pass).
  • UI refreshes that do not actually simplify the current UI.
  • Kingdom refreshes that do not improve troops and that skip over the associated class.
  • Content designed to upset the player until they pay (Daily Dungeon rework)
  • Effectively (for >90% of the player base) non-existent content (Cursed Gnomes, Dragonite Gnomes).

I believe attempts to increase daily play in 2023 will have the same effect they did in 2022 - the opposite. The game has crossed the threshold where, for many players, it is simply asking for far too much time and increasingly for too much money - and it’s not managing to attract new players.

If GoW can’t maintain monetary success by frustrating its players even more, then the quality of the content will have to increase - on that I’m not hopeful.


The core problem of the game in my eyes is a different one, that has been there almost from the start: Infinite content addition.
We’re at 1200 different troops by now, and the number of weapons and pets is not that far behind. Yet, the mechanics to catch up with that are hopelessly outdated, and the situation keeps getting worse.

This is not inviting for a new player, who has a handful of gems a week, a few hundred gold keys and certainly not enough soulforge ressources or orbs and whose guild won’t even be able to clear the six old tasks, let alone epic or legendary ones.
Not in a game, where strategies have been optimised to insane levels, and a load of items count as must-have.

Game development is blindly focussed on keeping the day 1 crowd playing and paying. To avoid, that the endgame whales ever reach a point, where they have finished something. Latecomers are expected to pay for it, in every way.
Do you think, diamond eggs will remain limited to six possible drops for long? I would bet against that.


I totally agree. Not to mention the items you need to forge those good troops and other great items. … I mean really? Years…

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Good idea.

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I’ve enjoyed not doing it after the first day.

There is no way anyone is going to get all the pets, with any sanity left at least, now they are troop aligned.

It’s almost pointless content.

I’ve added it to Bounty and Arena, and Dungeon, most Adventure Boards, Deep Delves and Daily Delves (to some degree world event) as skippable, which is keeping me playing.