Legends Reborn: Start stages 2-5 one day earlier

It’d be nice if the stage releases were moved one day earlier so that you’re not forced to play on a weekend to complete the event. You’d still have 3 days per phase, but the release of the 2nd phase would come sooner.

Start of phase Now => Proposed
Stage 1: Mon => Mon
Stage 2: Thu => Wed
Stage 3: Sun => Sat
Stage 4: Wed => Tue
Stage 5: Sat => Fri

Or better. Remove the time gate.


I would love to have the repeatable questlines just permanently available, just like the challenges.

Nice reward of a mythic pet to get new players past power level 12 but it’s still a challenge, without the rush of the 2 days at the end as it is now.

And stops the panic grind people feel while reborn event is up.