Legends Reborn - Forest of Thorns

It is free if you wait and rescue in PVP. No need to buy.


I would like to know that when will the new pets, for example “yasmine’s petal”, be available from random pet gnomes? Thank you @Jeto

should also be on daily deals soon, like the other “buff one troop” pets we got already

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I don’t think it’s actually the pets themselves that are the real carrot here; it’s the “bonus stuff” like forge scrolls and books that are the real lure. Legends will theoretically make it easier to overcome pet block in kingdom progression but blocking with books is here to stay even in if you are prepared and able to pay such ludicrous amounts for a modicum of progress. Same with scrolls which the community have wanted a solution to for years. THIS is not a solution. One of the biggest issues here is the ridiculous pricing of various “offers” which has been the case since I started playing. Rather than u turn somewhat and thus give less affluent players a chance to enjoy an affordable offer once in a while, we get this nonsense at a time of global financial hardship. Shall I feed my kids and heat my home this week or spend the equivalent on a pet/bonus instead? Stunning business acumen; but hey Australia has a warm climate so they probably are nowhere near as affected by gas hikes as those elsewhere. Bravo.


Thank you devs for releasing legends reborn. It is just very expensive that I can’t support in terms of real $$$. But the 4 new pets to solve most players pet block issues is appreciated.


I wish there was an option to just do the battles without having to see the cartoons in between/mashing the skip button.

Didn’t really mind it on day 1 but already got tedious on the second runthrough :zzz:


I also really like the gem extras like pet bait and cursed gnome bait.

We may need a solution to the pet rescue dilution, though, or it’s going to be worse than the mythic forge cycle that gets longer and longer.


I’d like to know how often these events will be happening. 2 weeks on 2 weeks off? New one every 2 weeks?

If it’s every 2 weeks that’s going to be an insane gem sink for the grindy people who like to own everything. Going to have to catch that Yasmine’s chosen pet down the road though for sure.

It doesn’t matter. Legends reborn solve a lot of players pet issue. Currently, PL29 requires 5 pets and forest of thorns has 8.

Currently, I will have 7 mythics. If I buy the 8th it is on me. Not devs fault. This is a puzzle game. Strategy applies to how you use your gems too.

I did not need to buy Avelorn’s hound. But I did. My actions, not anybody’s fault.

They will be available from Pet Gnomes once the Legends Reborn event ends

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can you please stop wrong information or be concrete?
right after legends reborn ended or 4 weeks after it ended?


I checked with the team and they said immediately after it ends.


Well, don’t try @ANGI, 4 weeks is more likely. Kafka is just passing info, but based on our experience it is 4 weeks. Though Kafka is top 10 PC/mobile player… :thinking:


idel tyme dussn’t count! :stuck_out_tongue:

but my initial thought also was (at least…) 4 weeks after, despite anything “the team” might say. those passed out infos of “the team” have been wrong quite a few times that I actually believe it when it really happens.
but I would neither count or bet on it to actually happen correctly. but that’s just my approach after we’ve been burned a few times.


Gotta catch 'em all.

Hey you never know what the devs will do in the future, such as adding Elite Level style upgrades to kingdom power after level 30. :upside_down_face:

The number of books I have, will not even make it to upgrade a single kingdom to 30. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: These extra pets, >5, are just distractions.

True, for now.

Back when weapon upgrading was first added, high grade ingots were very hard to come by. Eventually, delves were added with ingot rewards. Fast forward to now, and everyone that diligently maxed thier renown has all weapons maxed and has thousands of extra legendary and mythic ingots.

The point is, those final kingdom and power levels may seem out of reach, but that’s only thanks to artifical chokes, such as Book of Deeds and Imperial Deeds being tightly controlled. Things can change quickly at the dev’s whim.

Personally, I’ll keep spending gems on those distractions, just in case.