Legendary tasks and Mythical troop probability

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I wonder if unlocking legendary tasks now still grants mythical troops? Yesterday, we donated over 1b gold and got 0 mythic troops. Can anyone tell me the mechanics of the legendary tasks now?

“Over 1b(illion) gold”?

Yes. We completed about 1080+ Legendary tasks. Every member donated at least 25m

Our guild does an insane amount of LT each week…I have been in the guild for 3/4th of a year…zero mythics .I had heard for years it was 1 percent…but it has to be lower than that…

Ok, was just confused when you said “legendary troops” in the OP. Not mythic.

I’m so sorry, I didn’t notice this at all. I have corrected it!

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In the past, we have also donated a large amount of gold at one time, about every 100m-200m you can get a mythic troop.

We have averaged near 100 mil a week for the 35 weeks I have been in the guild…so what 3.5 bil? Zero mythics

Jesus, this sounds sad

I seem to remember that there was some data gathered when legendary tasks were first released showing that there was a 1:200 chance on average of getting a mythic troop from legendary tasks?

Was probably a small sample set at the time/chances could have been changed since then/there has never been been an official drop chance released.

I hope that an official can give approximate probability data. If it’s really low, we at least don’t care that much about getting Mythic troops from legendary tasks.

We got two mythic troops in the last either 4 or 8 weeks (one this gw and the other either last time or one before).

We had not seen any for at least a year if not longer, and we usually get less than 5 LTs each week now but used to get at least 30 during GW weeks, most of the time way more.

I consider us insanely lucky with rates that are generally really bad.

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We shouldn’t expect anything from Legendary quests. However, some members have chosen to give up GOW because of this incident. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been in @Graeme 's guild for a couple of months. (My previous guild was so casual that we hadn’t even finished all the statue tasks between the introduction of the six “epic” guardians and when I left.) We do plenty of legendary tasks every week; in the 3-4 months that I’ve been where I am now, I’ve seen one mythic troop appear from those tasks (but plenty of legendary troops, more often than not seeming to be delve legendary troops).

And I probably exhausted all my positive RNG luck there, because the mythic in question was one of the 8 (or so) “ordinary” mythics that I had yet to pull from a chest or craft in the Soulforge.

feel lucky

Today 2 mythics from legendary tasks on Switch!!

As much as is known, legendary tasks use this drop table:

There’s some fudging going on, rewards aren’t independent. The same reward type can’t be picked twice, e.g. you can’t roll into arcane traitstones as first and second reward.

Assuming a 0.5% chance, not getting a mythic troop from 1000 pulls happens around 0.6%. That’s quite unlucky but not entirely impossible. However, there have been incidents in the past with legendary tasks that were explained away as temporary server hiccups, @awryan might be able to contribute more on that topic.

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This form is so well presented! Thank you for your help

A guild mate pulled a mythic yesterday so yes but extremely rare