Legendary Task Rewards

I can send screenshots of Power Gems last few tasks.

Honestly, I can farm 30 gems :gem: in about an hour doing treasure maps on X4 speed. Right now it seems to be the best use of my time!



I have over 700 maps…maybe I should start using them. Thanks for the tip.


Just to point out, that makes the opportunity cost “gem value” of 1,000,000 gold a 220 “gem value” if we consider direct conversions and 232 inflated 5.7% to account for putting the gold obtained from gold keys back in recursively. I still don’t have the average numbers on the new tables, but some of the best “gem value” thing I’ve seen using even direct conversions is 8 gem keys, 1 event keys, and 100 glory, for 80 gems, 15 gems, and 8.3 gems (highballed for buying event keys with at full price), respectively, for a “gem value” of 103.3. Economically speaking, if you are within the three highest weekly donators for a given guild (and therefore ~333k/task), gold keys have a better value than the best case scenario for legendary task drops. Using VIP5 calculations, purchasing power estimates, and average table rather than best case scenario, the economically sound “selfish” decision will probably be for even lower ranked donators to not donate further.

However, I doubt it will ever be enough to overpower the opportunity cost of the lowest donator, or even top 15 or top 10, though. If your target is mythics, you are still best off farming gold and putting it to LTs, so long at least a few other people are still doing the same. Hitting up gold keys instead after you have reached the top x weekly donator only makes sense long term if you know your guild will be unable to reciprocate. I’d also contend that there is such little functional difference between the two “gem values” relative to man-hours spent farming at that point, to do so in the first place beyond what you would normally enjoy doing in the game will just burn you out for no good reason, and you will never see the fruits of your labors anyway if that happens. Same with treasure hunt, but if you really want to go that route it is up to you.

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This is consistent with what I see in the data files. No Legendary Tasks currently provide Gems. This can change server-side, though, so it’s subject to change without notice.


So now we have to know if it’s intended or not…

@Mithran Would the $ values of various things help with comparisons between gems and gem keys? (Apologies I’ve only really skimmed through the posts, so I might have missed the details somewhere) If so there is a breakdown I put together last year that should be mostly up to date (in so far as things haven’t changed too much price wise in the shop):

I suppose I could add another column for comparative cash purchases, for the stuff that is directly purchasable. Right now, the gem value table I am working up has several different values that can be used to work up their relative value, including comparing their rewards given per task costs (using 3.05 guild tasks, still need to work up comparisons with 3.1 legendary tasks) direct costs low and high (if they can be bought with gems directly), and their comparative purchasing power for relevant bottleneck items (legendaries, mythics).


The last 3 leg tasks from my guil wielded really poor rewards, we all decided to halt on putting gold il leg tasks until they decide to buff them.


That happened to me against the easiest paragon I have ever seen! I beat all the psion and justice hard teams and got an easy paragon but then the crazy AI took over and skulled the crap out of my troops! I have gone 4/1 twice this week because of this crap and to top it off went 4/0 another time but it gave a a loss for a match I never did so that was my 3rd 4/1 in a roll! The console AI is brutal and seems to be getting worse!


You still won most of the matches so its okay to lose sometimes too. This new CPU is fun to play against, it has brain compared to before. :slight_smile:

Some interesting results there. If we take the values of what you can buy traitstones at immediately and compare them to the highest denominations of gems that can be bought immediately with the same amount of cash, we have:

1.56 gems per minor
6.05 per runic
13.56 per arcane

All of these are ludicrously high in my opinion, but it is one of the only data points I have where they can be directly compared. The other is the original guild reward table, which, assuming all values within a given table are meant to be roughly equal, values minors at about 1.2 gems and arcanes at an average of about 12 gems. It would be false equivalence to assume either the rewards within any given LT reward table are exactly equal, as it would to assume that any given purchase is assumed to be of equal value (though many of the others can be roughly equated using at least one of my conversions), but it is nice to have another data point for these.

This also includes my only data point for treasure maps without going two steps, at 0.2 gems per treasure map (compared to the 15 day gem pack for comparable time frame). A two-step comparison not included on my table (tasks to compare gems to glory, purchase maps with said glory) would have them at 0.27 gems comparative value for legendary tasks, so pretty close. On the guild task table, they are simply not comparable unless I consider all level of the tasks unless I can state that 9 maps == 360 glory == 45 gems (clearly not) and the rest of the table balances better if I attribute all of green task’s gold toward event keys and ignore maps, while attributing the glory in red task to the value of a glory key from the same table and using the rest for gem keys.

I’ve been grinding maps for 2 hours instead of pvp and I’ve gotten 65 gems. Not sure the gold equivalent if I were doing pvp. But I do know I can open a VIP chest

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Preliminary data of gem value comparisons at different stages of the game. As this does contain some estimation between the various data points, I’d like to get a general feel of how many think this is close to accurate before I give the full methodology behind it.


GV Early = Gem Value Estimate at early game (post collecting relevant Armor, as not having them this will slash relative GV of everything else), these will taper off as you progress
GV Late = Gem Value Estimate at late game, before the soul wall and mythic hard bottleneck, with no VIP, still need traits with runic or arcane bottleneck for traiting
GV Bottlenecked = Gem Value Estimate at endgame, traits and souls dead ended or largely dead ended, bottlenecked by obtaining mythics to further/maintain a collection, VIP 5. For non VIP 5, gem key value is 9, others remain the same
GV Estimate = Prediction of the estimated Gem Value of these resources assigned by devs


Today we got 50 glory keys, 1 gem key and 1 event key out of an LT.


All i can add is, because i am dislexic where math is concerned:

A Gem key is worth far less compared to the use of a Gem.

Gem key = open a Gem chest.

Gem = can be used for VIP chests, Event chests.

With my basic math ability and i know that if i wanted to open a Gem chest without having a Gem key, it would cost me 10 Gems or 15 to open an Event chest. So if i was NOT a VIP member and did not have access to the VIP chests, then removing Gems from the original blue guild tasks and instead gaining more Gem keys is kind of a good deal, am i correct?

However, i am a VIP member and would rather keep the Gems and save them, as to open a VIP chest, i stand the chance of gaining far better loot than the Gem chest can offer me.

To me, they should leave the original guild tasks we do each week well alone, as they are done for troop stats as a team so our guild members can then stand a better chance in PVP and GWs. So the guid tasks will be done regardless. As this thread is dedicated to LTs, i dont want to cause a complaint as i you math guys are going out of your way to help us all. I just do not understand how it works. I am sorry.

I can only chip in where i think the devs have gone wrong and i am upset because i have paid real money to support this game and feel i have now less chances to open my VIP chests.

Our guild does do a lot of LTs on the Xbox each week, so i guess that may change if our update is the same as PC and Mobile. I could be wrong, or they may change it in the future.

Sorry to waffle on, but also, can we take stock of how many other things the devs now feel we should be pumping gems into? Conversions for other items, GWs sentinals etc. So we NEED gems not Gem keys.

Thank you and I am so sorry if this post is out of context here.


Dropping gems from legendary tasks is the biggest FU from the devs I’ve seen since starting the game over a year and a half ago. Really disappointed with the developers at the moment. I’ll most likely never spend another penny on the game, and now regret spending as much as I have.


Whatever the eventual outcome, this was communicated very poorly, and IP2 deserves the flak they’re getting.

They should have come out and said they’d removed Gems from LTs explicitly. Whatever justification they needed to provide for it would have been better than a blanket “we’ve reduced the rewards” and letting us figure out on our own that Gems are gone.

Good surprises, sure, let people find them serendipitously and be happy. Bad surprises? Not so much.


I agree. At this point I’m hoping out some hope that it was an error in the coding and they didn’t intend to nerf it quite that much. I supposed we’ll find out at the end of the weekend.

That seems to be the trend of the game this year. Lack of information and more and more opacity…

I still remember Sirrian, on the old forum, having explained once the necessities of the economy of the game and discussed with the players a change of the rewards of the guild tasks.
Of course it is not possible at all anymore because of the growth of the game, but what a brutal change!

It seems now that we are completely ignored, that we have to play without understanding how the game is working and just be happy to give more and more money.
I am still very unhappy with the new scoring system in GW and I still think that the reasons given to justify the lack of information on how that system works are very poor.


In my eyes, the “gem value” of an item all boils down to what that gem gets you with respect to the most relevant thing you would use it to obtain. I’ve yet to include crafting resources on the table and after Sunday’s “day of luck” numbers are in, this now appears to be the most favorable exchange rate of gems to troops if you buy packs exclusively on Sunday However, since these purchases are extremely limited and it depends heavily on which days you buy - 50 gems per week to get 84 diamonds and 2 gem keys, every other day gets you 24 diamonds and 100 jewels for 50 gems. Since 50 gems per week is still trivially obtainable regardless of where tasks are due to tributes and other sources, it is far more likely any gems coming to the player from tasks or other sources would be used for the functions I have predicted to get the numbers on my table (gem keys, vip keys, and maybe event keys) and would therefore have their relative “value” be the same. Once we reach legendary task level, excess gems gained here in the past would 99% of the time be going to gem keys or VIP keys, depending on the player, therefore, that is their relative “gem value”.

With regard to sentinels, putting in more gems to these than you are getting on average by holding your guild wars bracket is a huge misuse of resources. One of the reasons they devs have stated the costs on them was so high, though, was to bring a monetization angle to guild wars. A bunch of people including myself pointed out that this probably wouldn’t work since raw gems were on the guild wars reward table, having it make no sense to go beyond a zero-sum game while chipping in, and that sentenels had perhaps the worst reward ratio of anything you could possibly spend gems on. I would therefore not consider sentenel prices relevant in the calculation of a gem’s relative “value”. With regard to armors, I specified on my table that these are numbers post obtaining relevant armors because armors provide multipliers for all future gameplay and thus every other things relative value in gems would have to be much lower by comparison - the gems would obviously be preferable, but to a degree that is entirely subjective to the individual.

In the end, gems and things that aren’t gems can never be fully equated, which is why it was necessary to do this in the first place. I am only doing my own “gem value” calculations because the devs have assigned some arbitrary values to certain items for us to get the figures of how much “value” rewards were reduced by, overall. The exact desirability of a gem depends entirely on the individual, what stage of the game they are at, how long they have been playing, how many gems they get already, and whether or not they are VIP5.