Legendary, Mythic & Class Lists [I have decided to not update this list anymore]

Legendary Troops:

Legendary Troops are the secondly rarest troops in the game. Pulling a Legendary one doesn’t have is great, and if we are lucky, one can ascend them to Mythic whenever we have 6 copies of one - making them even stronger and more powerful. Most Legendary troops needs 16 Arcanes of the given type. Imp’s require 18 Arcanes of the given type.

Troop - Arcane - Kingdom

Abhorath L - Spirit - Karakoth
Artema L - Mountain - Divinion Fields
Autumnal Imp L - Deep - Primal
Behemoth L - Shield - Broken Spire
Bone Dragon L - Skull - Khetar
Borealis L - Blade - Glacial Peaks
Bunni’Nog L - Skull - Pan's Vale
Carnex L - Dark - Adana
Celestasia L - Blade - Whitehelm
Crimson Bat L - Blood - Ghulvania
Dark Monolith L - Lava - Blighted Lands
DRACOS 1337 L - Plains - Adana
Emperor Khorvash L - Shield - Leonis Empire
Forest Guardian L - Light - Maugrim Woods
Gar’nok L - Storm - Grosh-Nak
Garuda L - Storm - Suncrest
Gloom Leaf L - Beast - Forest of Thorns
Goblin King L - Forest - Zaejin
Gorgotha L - Mountain - Khaziel
Gog and Gud L - Forest - Broken Spire
Hydra L - Blood - Wild Plains
Imp Of Love L - Rage - Primal
Infernal King L - Plains - Blighted Lands
Jarl Firemantle L - Lava - Stormheim
Keeper of Souls L - Skull - Khetar
Kerberos L - Skull - Maugrim Woods
King Highforge L - Lava - Khaziel
King Mikhail L - Mountain - Urskaya
King Silenus L - Storm - Pan's Vale
Kraken L - Venom - Blackhawk
Kruarg The Dread L - Beast - Grosh-Nak
Krystenax L - Swamp - Silverglade
Leviathan L - Shield - Merlantis
Moloch L - Storm - Whitehelm
Orion L - Light - Divinion Fields
Psion L - Spirit - Darkstone
Queen Grapplepot L - Light - Zaejin
Queen Mab L - Spirit - Glacial Peaks
Queen Ysabelle L - Swamp - Sword's Edge
Sekhma L - Dark - Pridelands
Shadow Dragon L - Plains - Sword's Edge
Sheggra L - Lava - Broken Spire
Spooky Imp L - Death - Primal
Spring Imp L - Stealth - Primal
Summer Imp L - Summer - Primal
Sylvanimora L - Forest - Forest of Thorns
Tesla L - Blood - Adana
The Dragon Soul L - Dark - Dragon's Claw
The Great Maw L - Mountain - Drifting Sands
The Silent One L - Blade - Pan's Vale
Umberwolf L - Dark - Ghulvania
Venoxia L - Venom - Mist of Scales
Webspinner L - Swamp - Zhul'Kari
Winter Imp L - Stoic - Primal

Mythic Troops:

Mythic troops are the rarest and hardest troops to pull in the game. Everyone is allowed to brag after they have pulled one. Each Mythic needs 21/21 Arcanes of the given types.


Other Mythics:
Abynissia M - BLADE SPIRIT (Blighted Lands)
Doomclaw M - FOREST SHIELD (Urskaya)
Draakulis M - BLOOD SWAMP (Ghulvania)
Elemaugrim M - DARK LAVA (Dragon’s Claw)
Euryali M - BLADE SWAMP (Mist of Scales)
Gard’s Avatar M - MOUNTAIN STORM (Whitehelm)
Infernus M - DARK STORM (Broken Spire)
Jotnar Stormshield M - BLADE BLOOD (Stormheim)
Ketras the Bull M - BEAST FOREST (Wild Plains)
Pharos-Ra M - SKULL SPIRIT (Khetar)
Queen Aurora M - LIGHT PLAINS (Silverglade)
Stonehammer M - MOUNTAIN SHIELD (Khaziel)
Wulfgarok M - BEAST VENOM (Maugrim Woods)
Yasmine’s Chosen M - FOREST VENOM (Forest of Thorns)

Hero Classes:

Hero Classes makes sure that a specific weapon is even more glued into your hand. Classes that uses mono colored Arcanes needs 18 Arcanes, otherwise 16 Arcanes.

Assassin CL - DARK
Deathknight CL - DARK
Knight CL - STOIC
Mechanist CL - LAVA
Necromancer CL - SPIRIT
Oracle CL - PLAINS
Orbweaver CL - VENOM
Priest CL - SUMMER
Sorcerer CL - DEATH
Titan CL - BLOOD
Warden CL - DEEP
Warlord CL - RAGE

Guild Wars Troops:

Guild Wars Troops are powerful damage dealers that creates storms. They are only obtainable through the rewards gained in the Guild Wars. Each of them requires stunningly 30 Arcanes of the given type.

Myzmer GW - DEATH
Ogryn GW - RAGE
Penguin GW - STOIC
Peryton GW - SUMMER
Troglodyte GW - DEEP


Guardians are powerful elemental construct supporters that are only obtainable in Guild Chests. Each Guardian requires stunningly 30 Arcanes of the given type.

Courage G - RAGE
Honor G - DEEP
Humility G - SUMMER
Justice G - STOIC
Loyalty G - STEALTH
Sacrifice G - DEATH


The Legendary Imps are the only somewhat seasonal troops in the game. Nowadays random imps is sometimes to find in the Soulforge, as well as all of them is in the drop pool in Legendary tasks. Each Imp requires 18 Arcanes of the given type.

Autumnal Imp L - DEEP (August/September)
Imp Of Love L - RAGE (February/March)
Spooky Imp L - DEATH (October/November)
Spring Imp L - STEALTH (April/May)
Summer Imp L - SUMMER (June/July)
Winter Imp L - STOIC (December/January)

Legend: Class CL | Guardian G | Guild Wars GW | Legendary L | Mythic M


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