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Legacy of Pre-2.0 PvP

Recently a pretty new player asked me on global, wether guild trophies reset at some point and, when i told him that they don’t, why there is amout of trophies listed, at which guilds would be demoted from their current league.
And as i thought about it… the league demotion is absolutely useless since the big PvP update of 2.0, and it seems no one has noticed yet (or at least not cared to do something about it - as it really is one of the minor things), since even the recently expanded Master leagues have those demotion tresholds.

Before the PvP update, Players would loose 1 trophy with each invade loss, since 2.0 there is no more penalty for that.

Just thought I’d share this little remnant of past times with you guys, I always like to dicover such little things that apparently no one has thought of in a long time. :wink:


People like to win. Overall i’d say it was a great change for the game. Either they have picked up on that, or they plan to implement something with guild wars or some future change. Not to mention before 2.0 you could just quit the game to prevent a loss, so what’s the difference?

Or when Maw would go insane and multi-devour…


How about webspinner with buffed magic turning whole board into green? :slight_smile:


The one team I would avoid was the 4x Webspinner ( after I got my head handed to me the first time, that is). When it was broken, it was the evilest team ever. And I didn’t have even one Webspinner at the time!


Me neither :frowning:
But I had at least 1 gar nok!

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Ahh yes the bad ol days of broken Webspinner! I missed out on the broken Silent One and broken Sheggra metas though, I joined back when Bone Dragon was introduced as a Glory Pack. Heh and people scoffed at it back then :wink:

When some people argued that the best defense team was the worst team possible, as it would give you more revenge battles, which paid out a lot more gold. At least until the devs patched it so that you couldn’t accumulate more than three pending revenge battles. The Peasant was as common a defender as Bone Dragon is today.

****ing GAR’NOK!!!

I still have as many of him as all of my legendaries combined! :rage:

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Garnok does have a unique mechanism in this game. He is the only troop we have that is able to do damage to its own team. Making troops like humility activate their traits. But still one would struggle to justify implementing Garnok in a team xD

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Ah, but I keep trying to build a team around him. It makes me sad how bad he is.

His Legendary trait angers me! He should have something like +1 attack on 4 or 5 matches. Then he’d almost be 1/4 as useful as Courage!


Every single time I look at Gar’Nok I cry!

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garnok is my ‘somebodys else dokkalfar’ :sob:
i want it buffed/rebalanced

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Did you know? Dokkalfar anagrammed is “Flak A Dork!”